CLC Campaign Finance Reform Solution

The Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist Party will soon be a reality. I have decided that, tentatively, I will not accept any money as a campaign contribution at all, but rather, only goods that are used for offices or campaigns. If any people who earn more than subsistence join and want to contribute, than can ask us what we need, or see it for themselves, but apart from goods used for the campaign, we won’t take anything.

I believe that this habit solves the problem in America regarding Campaign finance and the system of Bribery that cannot be distinguished from free speech. When George Washington reached the end of his second term, he retired voluntarily. There was no law preventing him from being president for life, so long as he ran for re-election.

The problems of America are often caused by our assumption that we simply pursue self interest unless and until we are limited by a law, which we obey not for its own sake, but because of its power. Then, like adolescents, as soon as we are, or think we are, hidden from the law of have enough power to oppose the law, as with lawyers and corrupt prosecutors, we simply pursue our self interest in disregard of the law.

The habit of the CLC regarding campaign contributions will solve the problem of campaign finance in America without altering the constitution one iota.

As Adams said, the American constitution is made for a people that has virtue, and will work for no other. The problem of campaign finance and free speech is a good example. We need to solve these problems by standing upright and setting good examples that then become habits or conventions. And let the Republican and Democratic parties not follow this habit if they like, because we will get more advertising from this than from laminated junk mail and T.V. soundbites and attack adds. And the people will appreciate being free to get back to a good movie without being annoyed by spin and meaningless drivel


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