Hey WordPress, Get Your Toll Booth Out of My Driveway to the Internet

These companies need to grow some integrity quickly before it effects their bottom line. As I have said, my website is not accessible from search engines such as Google, Microsoft or Yahoo, except by word of mouth, when I tell a single person, go search for mmcdonald77. Then the search engines work fine. Again, a wordpress website is like hiring someone to pave your driveway, even for mutual favors, and coming home to find they have set up a toll booth. Our website is accessible only to other wordpress writers, a bunch of starving artists who cannot buy books, while the illusion is that it is on the internet, accessible by word searches. An extortion fee has been offered for better accessibility, to what wordpress does not own, the internet.

I believe I can demonstrate this fact mathematically in court, and they are as liable for damages as a driveway company that sets up a toll booth to the highway.

If I file an affidavit of intention with the county, I will be a candidate for the U. S. House of Representatives from the 7th district of Michigan.

Then they will be interfering with the elections in the U. S. government, and perhaps the Department of Justice will do something about this.


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