Ben Carson and the Press

Ben Carson has just withdrawn from the Republican Primary, while Donald Trump has taken “super Tuesday.” The press refused to cover Ben, while Trump became a media circus sensation, getting more press attention the more outrageous he became. It is difficult to understand this phenomenon, except that it is well known that “if it bleeds, it leads” in the American Press. Reporters are especially taught to look for pictures and videos of sex and fire, which especially attract the eye. The Donald could barely have done better if he lit his hair on fire. He reminds one of a phallus with a flowing toupee. In debates, Carson was barely asked a single question and had to beg to be attacked, literally. This is not because Ben had less of substance to say. One could attribute this to advertising, except that it was equally true of NPR, which is not supposed to advertise, although they do. The press still cannot stop talking about him, even though the press is notoriously liberal, and the conservative Fox news is extremely partisan.

We do not know that the press has done this deliberately. It seems just rather thoughtless, like much else that happens in America. People do not seem to be able to focus on anything substantial for more than half a sentence. Ben’s books are full o0f fascinating, worthwhile substance, and he did seem willing to play their game to the extent that this would be necessary, though he will not practice vulgarity for them nor light his toupee on fire. Perhaps we do all have ADD, perhaps from lead or lawn chemicals. The press still has yet to report the Question of whether the public shootings are related to antidepressants. I have asked NPR as I have the Lieutenant Governor’s office, why this is so, and had to tell them that this time, the ninth or tenth time I have contacted them about antidepressants, I do expect an answer. Neither have returned these calls nor sent the briefest e-mail. Is it because, as with the press coverage of Ben, there may not be a Why? They really may not know, and neither do I. But one suspects that someone is making an awful lot of money off antidepressants.

Congratulations, then, America and the American media. You have passed up a wonderful candidate, if in the end he would not have been the best, nor quite capable of the U. S. presidency. But the press has anointed a tyrant, and America seems incapable of even asking, let alone answering the question of why.



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