Mount Salem

It has just occurred to me, following the Flint River crisis, that we live just two miles away from a huge trash dump that has certainly tainted the groundwater in its immediate vicinity. Just two years ago, the groundwater of a factory nearby was undrinkable, and some years back, before ownership changed and an attempt was made to contain the groundwater, the evergreens across Napier road, is a different county and township, turned orange. I know a person who received a huge court settlement because the parents of his wife died of Leukemic from an even older dump site about a mile away from this.

Now, one would not worry about these things, and rest assured that our government is taking care of this, except that we have just seen how government works in this state through the Flint water crisis, how they respond, how ready they are to take suggestions, and perhaps how it can be no more than dangerous to make suggestions. Tonight, I smelled that smell again, the one that had me calling the gas company up the road to report a possible leak. But now I have figured out that that is just the smell of Mount Salem when a soft breeze is flowing from the south- southwest. I will avoid collecting my rainwater in such a breeze.

The economy of Salem is based on this industry, and we pay no township taxes on property because of the Salem Dump. Canada wisely sends their trash here, and a few months back, I watched huge double tankers, illegal except on the turnpike so far as I know, roll in the middle of the night down Napier Road

Now, having said these things, I have to spend the entire day on election day at the Salem Township hall, 100 feet away from the place where people will come to vote. I have to get signatures to have the Marijuana issue placed on the November ballot in our state, and so I may as well launch the CLC, the Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist Party, if I am not yet officially running for U.S. House of Representatives. I know there are people there who do not like me, and one technically assaulted me by nudging me out the door as I was being fired from his factory for not being able to work mandatory overtime, and trying to explain my principles, and telling him to allegorically go jump in the Lake. (For myself, I can take it, but one really ought not offend the honor of Shotokan). There is a bit of tyranny in Salem politics, though we just elected a free Supervisor, who defeated the tyrant that used to run the place and took over after the tyrant tried to stiff-arm his little farm business for petty regulations, closing down his seasonal Christmas an Halloween farm store and hayride type business for school outings. That was an example of American democracy, though citizens correcting township government successfully is very rare. Right next door are the State Police, who I think are the ones who pulled two cars up on Napier road at just the right spot when I was showing my cat the moon and stars. As my reader knows from an archive blog on police shootings, I thought to myself “I am just lucky I was not pointing my cat at them.

 I will have three signs there, and I will sit across the street with my pickup truck gathering signatures. One sign will be for the petition, one for the CLC, and one to try to sell catnip. I am broke, and this is all I have, but it is worth about 8$ per ounce. Perhaps catnip could fund the CLC! If it is legal, like selling campaign buttons, I will do this. It also makes the important political point, stated also in my essay on the Eight Reasons, that we are not responsible or liable for how we appear to the mean, the paranoid or the suspicious, (though they can surely use their power to hold us liable) but only for how we are.

And if they want to test this stuff, I have an ingenious testing method in my blog on the duplicate website called “Catnip.”


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