Sane Republicans to the Michigan Polls Tomarrow!

At the debate in Michigan, and especially in the news, it seemed that our state would have the honor of being the place where our nation turns the corner on the trump-ette Phenomenon.John McCain, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio spoke out, and 70 high ranking guys who know what they are talking about said old Donney boy had succeeded in becoming a threat to national security. Marketeers “SUCCESS” ideology about what is most important in life!

Trump has now some 385 support among Republicans. We call on all sane republicans to show up and trounce this moron, this embarrassment, this wake-up call to American patriots.

The CLC or Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist Party is endorsing Marco Rubio. After what Mr. Cruz did to Ben Carson, it is clear that he does not have the integrity required for High office, and Rubio may be the only Candidate capable of being president.

For ourselves, we intend to run for U. S. House of Representatives, defeating Tim Walberg in the 7th district in November.

The reason is that we have superior credentials (PhD POLITICS, and 10 years adjunct teaching American Government) and do not believe he is doing his job, although he has done more than most, as on the issue of federal property seizures.

Teaching is how I know I can beat him, given what was revealed in the Flint Crisis. Teaching American Government also cultivates centrism, finding the mean on polarizing questions, and knowing one’s way around the three branches. For these reasons, we expect to be much more effective than was Mr. Bentivolio, another “outsider.”

We provide the sane republicans just what they are looking for without returning to the establishment that got us into this mess to begin .

He is waiting to see which way the wind blows on the Trump Phenomenon, which means TIM WALBERG MAY NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TYRANNY AND LIBERTY

Search engines cannot find my website, because wordpress has a tollboth in my driveway to the internet, so pass this around manually if you want to get the sane republicans off the couch for a last chance to save that party.

Among Democrats, Bernie Sanders has taken up our issues of the Rigged game economy and Prescription Drug abuse. We also uphold and end to property seizures, observance of the Bill of Rights, Justice system reform, an immediate end to police brutality,such as the shooting of the 17 year old WHITE kid from Eaton County (No charges filed), Internet Integrity, independent prosecutors for government crimes, Legalization of Marijuana, Fairness in immigration while recognizing that we must have borders, Good neighbor policies toward Mexico, and No Wall built by Canada to keep us out in case we have not really turned the corner.


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