Mitt Romney Speaks Out Again, On NPR

Mitt Romney spoke out tonight again on the Trump phenomenon, resaying some of the points he made earlier on the day of the Michigan debates. He looks forward to the possibility of a divided convention, and a decision process similar to that by which Lincoln was chosen, an a sixtieth ballot. Our nation needs to repent and turn, and this turning may have already begun. We will find out, I believe, with the elections tomorrow. One truly wonders why the money interests even care. One way they will have, for example sixty million dollars in their bank account, but the other way, thirty million, and they will never notice the difference. In fact, in an uprighted economy, their money will be safely stored in banks that respect property rights, while in the other way, under a tyranny, nothing will be secure, even for the one biggest fish, as he will die like any pauper just the same. It seems similar to WordPress and the internet companies ruining so much for a poor man to make 49 cents rather than 35 cents, just because over the picture, it appears to their 2 dimensional thinking to be the only way to produce a huge amount of money while producing a much smaller value. And that biggest of all fish, is that really going to be you? Perhaps it is honor or the exercise of some hatred that is at stake, but again, one wonders why? No answer appears. As George Bush wondered regarding the Palestinians, why do they not want to just send their children off to school, go to work, come home to their drink, their dinner and their wives? Why must they hate their neighbor so, and teach their children to do the same for generations? It does seem like a lot of trouble for nothing, but perhaps they are just bored. Words harm no one- they are either dust, or they do in fact mean something, and even the interests of the tyrant are in the end preserved by them. But the tyrant seems to go to an awful lot of trouble for nothing over words. Yet the Donald, as we have said, will be used and then devoured by those more racist interest whose support he is cultivating. The very free government he depended upon for his riches and his rise will no longer protect even him, if it is destroyed.


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