No Libertarian Cynicism Button

Come on, America! All Donney Trumpette had to be was “anti-establishment,” (as every tyrant is,) and rich, and libertarianism goes out the window. This man has not mentioned the Bill of Rights, and but that does not slow him down because his followers do not know we have one. Yesterday they fell for the idea that ISIS is not going away because of the current administration and money in politics. This is one step worse than campaign finance fraud, it is money in politics incarnate.

So we have invented the no Libertarian cynicism button. This will consist of the circle with the exclusionary slash over a simple face sticking out its tongue.

We will of course “Have neither.” But WordPress won’t “get their toll booth out of my driveway” anyway, so no one will ever hear my concerns that Canada will soon build a wall. The tyrant just takes any inconvenience, and puts the rhetoric of a toupe-ed phallus behind it, and his followers swoon.

Yesterday we launched our CLC with a table at the polls. In got there way late, cause I thought I had a death threat and was waiting for one of five branches of Government to care: no one did. Indeed, it was a pointless warning. We have been primed for tyranny, and then defeat, or perhaps a victory we may be better off not having.

I would run myself, but I would get assassinated and no one would prevent it or care.


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