Can Hillsdale College Produce a Candidate ?

One wonders if Hillsdale College might not produce or recommend a candidate for U. S. House of Representatives for the elections this fall. I decided to try to run myself until I find a better candidate, and have begun to collect the 3000 necessary signatures. The reason that I decided to try to run is that Representative Walberg did not support the speech of John  McCain on torture which he delivered in the U. S. Senate. As reported, we also suspect that he is supporting Mr. Trump, and hence does not seem to know the difference between tyranny and liberty. I have better credentials, with a PhD in politics, and he is not doing his job. The rigged game economics of the free marketeers is allowing the rich to use their power to fleece the poor and destroy the middle class, because oligarchs aim at the good of the rich, rather than of the whole nation.

But Hillsdale might be able to produce or find a candidate that could actually win. Hillsdale is a rather partisan republican school. That aside, their constitutionalism is supported by our CLC, the Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist party, and we look toward these liberal arts schools for our solution to the demise of American education.

In other news, Ben Carson announced that he will support Mr. Trump, and I have announced that the CLC will dump Ben Carson. I am a bit embarrassed now at my previous support for Ben Carson. The right wing of the American eagle seems truly to be prepared to elect itself out of Liberty. But what is more likely is that the Republicans will suffer a Barry Goldwater style wake up moment in November on the morning after the election, as the youth do seem prepared to set “America first,” according to the new Barack Obama meaning of the term. A tyrant places their own interest above that of their nation, yeah, like a mere businessman. We may of course be witnessing the end of the republican party, even if Trump wins, rather than the end of American Liberty.


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