Let’s Get This Straight: America and Trump

Let’s get this straight and correct and right. The political thought of Donald Trump does not extend very far beyond his sound bites. Today he said something like, “If America is smart, it will get behind this movement.” This sounds like he is selling soap: “Do you want the cleanest, brightest and happiest home life? Try Scamway.” I too have better credentials than Donald Trump, but without experience in government, would be utterly incapable of the U. S. presidency. Barack, John McCain, perhaps Dianne Feinstein, and perhaps Mr. Sanders or Mr. Rubio, Colin Powell, men and women like this might be capable of this, the most difficult job in the world. Nor are we oblivious of the experience of the Clinton’s and its value. But Donald Trump is a national disaster, as 70 men and women of serious rank have said. Yet the right wing of America continues barreling headlong for the cliff.


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