On Torture and Foreign Policy

Once again, our policy on torture is this: How about when you are captured by us, WAR IS OVER, even as Jim Morrison and John Lennon said? One could expect food, clothing, shelter and a free official Koran, to practice those lessons on justice, charity, chastity and being a good neighbor to those who do not attack Islam. We would quickly gain more aid than waterboarding one guy 183 times seems to have produced.

Policies like these can cut a problem in half, as half those fighting for ISIS are probably compelled anyway, and might just love to surrender.

This is the sort of policy work being done here in the CLC, and so far only the president and Bernie Sanders are taking up these policies. As soon as I find my old copy of Tocqueville’s The Old Regime and the French Revolution, I will try to enquire into just what Mr. Sanders means by “socialism,” to see if, as a former republican, I can somehow reason my way past that “S” word.


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