Ok, Microsoft, Who Set Up This Account?

Microsoft has, of their beneficence, set me up a separate user account on this computer. I had gone to do so a couple times, only to be met by the wall of “simply deposit your information with our honorable company here.” Eventually, Microsoft apparently set up a separate user account for me, complete with my e-mail address, probably by scanning everything I have ever done and determining that there were two users on this machine. The trouble now is that, since I did not set up the account, I do not have the password. Any attempt to contact Microsoft or access the community forum is met again with “simply deposit your information with this honorable company here.” I think I do want to know who made this account for me in my name before I give them any information, which will assuredly be used or sold.

One might want to know who set up this account before depositing one’s information, but, as with the attempt to remove the auto zoom from the cursor touchpad system or get the machine to stop moving the page beneath, me while I write, these things are just not options we are offered. Nor does a handy phone number appear, at least for we who cannot pay fees or will not pay extortion.

Once again, this whole system regarding the internet must be corrected, as it is exactly backwards. Companies once competed by serving their customers, not to mention producing value. If pressed, the companies will tell of how these things are really for our ur own good, or for the good of society, for security and such. But we think it quite clear whose interests they have in mind.

This system came to be because the United States Congress has refused to regulate commerce in exchange for kickbacks and campaign funds. Elsewhere, we have argued that the impact on the GNP is astronomical, as in employee time lost trying to erase pop up advertising. (My cursor just moved by itself again, so that half the sentence is inserted where it does not belong and cannot be moved to the correct place). Congress has also been lobbied by those paid astronomical amounts to make the weaker argument appear the stronger, probably arguing against unpaid citizens and advocates of the public interest. The same has occurred regarding the mining and marketing of information, so that now human traffickers may and can go shopping for our children, and with their internet or gang-earned billions hire kidnappers to go after particular persons.

Congress, then, has ceased to do its job, just when the new world of the internet was emerging. The world our children inherit will be a tyranny of one sort or another. We have only remaining to watch the last gasps of “history” fight it out to see which form of tyranny will win out, much like watching Google and Microsoft fight for control of my computer by disabling first Yahoo and then one another.


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