Hey Flint, I just Collected 6 Gallons of Drinkable Rainwater!

It is very frustrating to see the people of Flint struggling to distribute bottled water even for bathing while no one seems able to consider the simplest suggestion, as I say, to immediately take 20% of the pressure off the bottled water distribution system. But now that Marc Edwards is all famous, there is no way I could ever get word to him. I tried months ago, when he was dismissed and back home in Virginia, after the University of Virginia apparently went 80 million dollars in debt trying to help the hopelessly corrupt Michigan politicians avoid electoral disaster and lose money by failing to respond to the simplest crisis. What of when we have a real crisis, and the State Police function like the other charges of the Governor, unable to act with the least concern for the good of those they are supposed to serve? And why is that, but that they are simply busy with other concerns.

My water, rain water, sits now in gallon jugs and in my 5 gallon Absopure collecting bottle. Finally I have enough to use it to make coffee as well as for drinking water. I no longer trust the ground water. We have Mount Salem nearby, and I have never seen anyone care much about dumping, say, old batteries right in with the trash. Toxic waste day is too hard to keep track of and make. Yesterday I saw a man, two men, dump something, most likely antifreeze from a collision shop, into the pond on the edge of Maybury Park. The township police and fire did respond, and took a sample, but determined only that it was not presently toxic, after the pond was cleared out by the river that flows toward the park farm, where the livestock drink from the pool. There will be no investigation, but I did call the Farm myself, knowing that the police, though told, may well neglect to do so.



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