Detroit Water Shutoffs Can Be Helped By Rainwater

If the poor do not have running water at all, they will sure wish for a rain barrel for washing and bathing and one of my seven rainwater collection methods to collect drinking water. For the homeless, a piece of plastic and a clean bucket will help in a pinch. A hole off center and a rock in the suspended plastic makes a rainwater collector for drinking. Add a coffee filter under the hole, yer good to go. This will surely help people whose water is shut off. A guy who was homeless suggested the value of the five gallon bucket for another use, and I use those plastic Maxwell House coffee cans with lids for many things, including organic trash and a thunder bucket! A benefit of being a coffee addict! I gotta go have a PBJ, triple decker, and a smoke!

Facebook Steals the Love Button

A good example of many things about the American economy and about the world in general is that Facebook stole the love button, from me. The irony is that I cannot even use my own invention, unless I pay Facebook with information. But Facebook is not responsible with our information. They have collected facial recognition on one-year-olds without the consent of anyone, and now human traffickers may go shopping for the rest of the child’s life. They have done this contrary to explicit law in some states. The FBI will not help, due to their break down the door theory of the Fourth Amendment-which is that the Constitution they have sworn an oath to uphold simply does not exist. These are the very serious issues. But it is not surprising that if a company has a few Billion dollars, ethics and the law too will become malleable.

Some new patent laws were passed in April of 2016 that are not going to help the small entrepreneur or inventor. It will be said that the invention is just an idea with no physical substance, that it was published as a single sentence over a year ago, and I could not afford to patent or copyright it anyway-so they can steal it! An interesting anomaly, too, is that WordPress has given themselves ownership of us and everything we do, so that WordPress- another rich company!- has more rights to the thing than I do! Maybe we will see an epic battle of Titan billionaires over the Love Button, with Jesus watching from a cloud!

The “like” button always was limited and defective, as many people noticed, but the love button: this is not to be pressed lightly! The dislike button is not something we need, and there is already too much stuff like that on the internet: U-Tube has a thumbs down button, which is sufficient, and a thumbs up. I have also invented the Peace Button, because I often wish “Grace and Peace to You,” and am an ancient hippie. The Peace-Love Button combines the two, and even looks like a face- maybe the guy on the Clouds! And finally, I have invented the “No libertarian cynicism button, for people to press when they are sick of me!

I publish these inventions because, even though the economy is a “rigged game,” they are for the good of humanity, and the world is a better place if we have them aside from my own financial interests. Interestingly, I was the first one I ever heard say “rigged game,” from my studies (and I know which studies), and Bernie and Barack then started saying it, either because it is obvious or because my representative Tim Walberg talks to Rand Paul= who knows? I cannot count the number of things I have thought of before consciously hearing them anywhere, then see them especially in political discourse, which is my intention. But it would be nice to be able to live, write, and afford copyrights and patents!

But just wait till the news gets a hold of, or people hear, that Facebook stole the Love Button! It is ironic, eh? If they were smart, they would make me a deal, just to avoid the negative PR that indeed they will not be able to avoid.

The Computer Is Suddenly Slow

For three days now, our computer is suddenly so slow that it is almost unusable. Google was doing this to their competitors a while ago (As reported in Europe, but, oh wonder, not in the American “free” press), but now even Google is slow. Every click, one must wait 20-30 seconds, and often pages are just inaccessible. I never know who I’m pissing off, but if the FBI or WordPress or absolutely anyone wants to inhibit my political speech, our government welcomes them to do so, and my representative is quite probably paid not to care, so I will not even bother to complain.

Oxy Doctors Are To Take Classes About Over-prescribing

WWJ reports that the doctors who prescribe the opioid oxy are now to take classes so they can learn not to over-prescribe the pain remedy that leads people to addiction and into the heroin trade. Of course, whomever devised this brilliant scheme could not also consider giving these PhD s classes about not taking kickbacks such as cash or vacations that they ought be able to figure out are coming from organized crime, in exchange for the possible treason of softening up our nation for the possible upcoming war while possibly pouring money into our enemies in Afghanistan and possibly Russia. How about a little sensitivity training along those lines?

The other great thing government devised was to limit the supply generally, so that genuine pain sufferers screamed out for lack of their medicine. One would think our psychiatry might devise a common sense pill, and perhaps a Hippocratic Oath pill. and quickly while we still have a free nation! Yea, a libertarian cynicism pill and a spirit of liberty pill, an integrity pill, and some supporting classes to go along with these! Perhaps Progress Michigan or the Bernie Sanders Progressives, the only ones to care at all about Prescription drug abuse as an issue, would study and publish who is contributing to the campaigns of the genius politicians who are coming up with these plans to deal with the oxy-heroin scam.

Reform “Campaign finance.” Vote CLC.

Considering Canadian Citizenship

For the past three years, I have intended to establish dual citizenship by adding Canadian citizenship to my American citizenship. My grandfather Colin came from Kingsville, Ontario, where his father Harry, grandfather Colin and Great grandfather Peter also lived. The problem for three years has been that I do not have even one hundred dollars, due to debt to the IRS. Subsistence wages are taxed in America for Social Security at 15.3 percent, which absolutely kills the subsistence laborer, and forces many people to work “under the table.” College debts that could never be addressed as an “adjunct faculty member” give me a whole other layer of debt, and there probably are a few more layers. It is a condition of slavery, not even of citizenship, as at a certain point, one can no longer own property, and this is regardless of the value that one produces: like a slave, all the value of one’s products are kept and owned by the billionaires. The FBI is now unanswerable and free to blacklist anyone, as for inquiring into their spying, and again our representatives will not say no to them nor defend their constituents. They will violate marriage at whim, and this too is a blow against the roots of our citizenship. Without access to the courts, debt companies simply write their own bills, ordering one to jump through extra hoops like a circus dog, then adding all sorts of charges when cannot afford to make the show.

I should have moved to Canada 14 years ago so that I might have had a teaching career. They still have liberal arts in colleges in Canada, and white males are not excluded from full time politics and philosophy teaching jobs, as has been the case for fifteen years in America, and as we have addressed elsewhere. I could have even gone to teach English in Japan, and still might. (I’m sure there are some openings at the U. of Fukushima!). There are some other things I would also study in Japan, beginning by sweeping the steps outside a dojo for a month or two till someone would let me wash the floors and bathrooms within.

Here in America, we are really backed into a corner that leads nowhere but homelessness and death, as by freezing in the winter. Our representatives cannot or will not help us (or even represent us!) And now 25% of the country is ready to vote for a tyrant, and they know he is a tyrant, and they so not care. He is for a “strong America, oh where have we heard that sort of talk before. The economy is rigged, and if we take the internet companies into the rigged courts, well, it is likely to just be expensive while doing no good, and they will gladly take our money. They would probably impound our car on the way out!

So, we hope to escape to Canada before Canada wises up and builds a wall! They say to us, fine, come, only leave your guns at home! That too is fine with me, as we are are rapidly losing the right to not bear arms.

Seriously, while Canada has the same enemies that we have in many instances, they are not the lead influence in world politics as we are, nor responsible for more than half the fate of free government in the world. They never committed the national sin of slavery, and so do not have racial tensions to this day. Their main minorities are the aborigines, who they are taking better care for lately, and their main criminals are like the Biker gangs. They have nothing like the American cities with gangs and corruption rotting out the core and destroying even elementary education. Their politicians are not nearly so corrupt as the U. S. congress, because they do not allow “campaign contributions” to become legal bribery, nor do they allow the drug companies to buy medicine and psychology, though they can be expected to be as much slaves to opinion as anyone. Lawyers do not sue as a means of moneymaking careers, after arranging the law to their benefit through the corrupt congress. They are twenty years behind us in degeneration, and may never catch up! So the circumstance where doctors over-prescribe, leading one to have to take care of a family member they have drugged near to death is not going to happen so easily in Canada.

Speech is not so free in Canada, though, and they do not really allow for example Holocaust deniers to speak openly then be refuted, as we do, but more like Germany, prohibit these things more from the front end. That is one of the few points in this lists where I choose the American way. But I just had to remind a Trump supporter the other day that Hitler was attacking not only Jews who were communists, but also a lot of little girls. In America, it will come to be more and more that these things have now to be said.

On Homelessness

The BBC has produced the finest show ever on the topic of homelessness and the effort to end homelessness, available at The Inquiry. The focus is on the work of two men, the founder of Housing First and a man who saw the movie about St. Francis, changed his life, and would up working on housing for the homeless in the Bush administration. The BBC followed this story, in the middle of the night, with stories on banking, the Internet and Chernobyl that all just kicked ass! It is the best of all to get up very early and hear the news shows in the middle of the night, when, it seems, the best journalists are more free to do their best work.

I will write, then, an essay here on the topic of homelessness and the attempt to end homelessness. We have invented people pods, and begun to discuss the issue on our Inventions page. And as a politician, I have said that I represent the bottom ten percent of the economy, and am still resolved to do this. People literally freeze to death and no one cares, or when we care, we are not able to reach them.

The problem of homelessness begins from the circumstance that all the property or land is owned. Were it not so, like bushmen, we could build our own shelters, even digging a hole and covering it with bark and making a small fireplace of stone. Hence, we argue that each city is obliged by natural right of natural law to have some place where these people can go, and this would make it possible for churches to find them. Some can live in homeless settlements, but some must live alone. The city will just have to deal with the problems of policing these settlements without violating their rights or shooting them dead at whim, but that is the same as it is for the good people who have houses, many of which are insulated with criminal enterprises. There is perhaps no quicker way to homelessness than to do nothing with a wink, or to allow crime no recognition.

Homelessness, then, is caused by the fact that all the property is owned all over the globe, and even the Bushmen have to defend their territory with arms, now that mankind has spread absolutely everywhere that is inhabitable.

…to be continued…

To NPR on Rainwater: On Why Good Ideas Have No Effect

Is it not a bit stupid, Flint, to let the rainwater go through the contaminated ground and then through the lead pipes and then try to filter it and drink it? Water comes from the sky, from precipitation, yes, and eggs from chickens, hens in fact. My proposal is that we collect the water before it goes into the contaminated ground and pipes, rather than after. This single idea will not solve all our problems, but will immediately take 20-50% of the pressure off the bottled water donation and delivery system in Flint. It will also prepare us for the future, because our problems in Flint are only the beginning.

Yesterday, for about the tenth time, I called the newsroom at NPR here in Michigan, and was directed to Stateside, their program handling the Flint water crisis. After going through my usual schpiel: Yes, I have six or seven methods of collecting rainwater, published for free on the internet, etc, for about five of my 250 monthly phone minutes, the woman journalist answered with a hint of incredulity: “So, you want people to drink rainwater?”

Why yes, and eat the eggs that come out of chicken’s bottom sides. Sounds incredible, does it not?

Or rather she said, “So, you want us to do a story on Rainwater”? Why yes, and to do all you can to keep lead out f the people of Flint, even if it involves a little listening and thinking. It is like there is an assumption there one would first have to clear away ahead of time? Is it that all my words go in one ear and out the other, and all she can do is record ideas for them to use for their own purposes like a machine? Why can one say, in bold letters PEOPLE ARE DYING UNNECESSARILY AND IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DO SOMETHING IF WE CAN!! And they blink. And it is my fault. And I have to go away, because others have all the power and the money. One is again reminded of Polemarchus at the opening of the Republic, “What if we do not listen,” when he playfully seizes and compels Socrates.

Perhaps it is that I mistake journalists for people who think about the news, when actually they are just reflectors, so I am like one expecting the paper of a book to understand the words, or the telephone itself to understand English.

After hearing a program from the BBC on homelessness, on people with unique and true ideas that have actually helped to end homelessness, I realize that part of my problem is that I expect to be able to simply say a good idea and have the community see it so that things will be improved. That is not what happened in the homelessness issue. Rich people did not hear a good idea and go do it. They did not call NPR with the brilliant idea of housing first, to get around the problem with the shelters, which is first that they are not safe and second that the “compassionate” ones, the government, want first to take over the souls of the homeless, to require that they get “treatment” for “addiction” or “mental illness” or what have you (never for criminality), and only then will they give the people a house. The Housing First guy took people off the streets and put them into apartments without trying to govern their souls and taking over their lives, not to mention while placing them in a circumstance where their security could not be secured.

So, yeah, I want people to drink rainwater, collecting it in a simple and clean system, and to rediscover the rain barrel to collect water for washing and bathing that there is no investment for the simplest, most obvious inventions, so that I do not even try to go on Kickstarter, for example, where one is supposed ton get relatives to pledge the first thirty percent so that the crowd will rush over to see. I would not fleece my relatives for the ten percent of the thirty percent. What works on Kickstarter are video games and fashionable opinion things: I could present it as an invention to keep lead out of the bodies of transgender black women who do not smoke cigarettes. Nor can I believe, first that they do not think of these things themselves, second that hearing them they neither understand nor inquire, and third The Flint crisis has demonstrated that even when pressed by necessity, people will not be able to think of these things for themselves, and will even die of thirst before they can listen to and understand the simplest idea. And I have tried to write an essay on Psychology! Telling them they need not take so many prescription drugs!

Of course it does not help that WordPress is blocking my internet access while awaiting extortion fees that I will never be able to pay them if I would, since they have destroyed my e-book self publishing business and I have no lawyers.  But this is just another idea or perception that no one else is going to see and understand.

Last night, despite the wing, I collected three and one half gallons of rainwater which is pristine and clear. Most of this has gone through the coffee filter atop the Absopure bottle, and I will filter the gallon or so that is in the trough, just to get out the big stuff.

Thinkers must be joined to doers, to some of the rich and some of the lawyers who care and know that there are good ideas they did not think of themselves, and who do not seek profit with every breath into their graves. One is reminded of the scene in Measure for Measure where Isabella almost gives up trying to save her brother Claudio by persuading Angelo, until that fellow Lucio re-encourages her and shows her how to do it, which leaves her vulnerable to rape, but indeed saves her brother’s life in the end, but only because that play has a Duke Vincentio. It is the old problem, too, of Philosophy and Kingship being two entirely different things, two different lives that must be somehow joined, though there is nothing in the natures of either that inclines them that way. The nature is in our souls and in political life, where Sophia and Phroneis, the work that aims toward theoretical and practical wisdom, can be joined.

I have tried many methods of getting a small company started so that one project might “kick start” another, and have relatives who will die with millions of dollars, but have so far been blocked at every turn. I have written two or three books, published 60 pages on Hamlet in the leading journal of political philosophy, but cannot get the simplest idea into effect to keep some of the lead out of some of the people in Flint, which I know with certainty that my methods could help do. I live in the shed, at the whim of an irrational person for even bathroom privileges, and work from morning till night just to care for certain minimal conditions for both this person and myself. But I have electricity, an indescribable luxury, and can sneak in to write here on wordpress.

Advice from a Dying 24 Year-old

Comment: We are all in the same boat, really, and think of the guy who will die in a car wreck tomorrow and did not even have the blessing of a warning? Hey, dude, though, what if the soul is immortal, and what we do is writing in the book of life! We do not know that it is not so, ask Socrates. In the name of Jesus, we wish you bodily healing as well through the Holy Spirit, and forgiveness of sins, since to be His presence….

Nutsruk writes: I came across this today and felt compelled to share. Click here for the original link, or read below. “Soon I will be gone forever, but that’s okay as long as someone reads this. I am …

Source: Advice from a Dying 24 Year-old

Comments Disappear Even From the History

Comments are disappearing from even the history of our work on the internet accessible through our computers, which is just amazing considering how everything we do on the internet leaves a permanent trail for the spies and marketers. Absolutely amazing, the page just cannot be found, especially on certain issues.

It was a comment in the e-mail of my U. S. Representative that disappeared yesterday, just before I could hit “submit,” perhaps because Toshiba’s auto click when one is hovering, to get these people clicking, went on all by itself, who knows? It is not an option, not disable-able, because someone is making money off the damned thing. Many points distilled through an hour of effort while pushing back cats and practical reality, with great effort and frustration, working for the common good too, for free. That is ok, too, because he does not want to hear bad things about any rich people, especially those that rule the internet and contribute to his campaign, nor will he even ask the simplest questions of the FBI and Justice Department, which is why I am trying to run against him for his seat in Congress. Again, even though he can probably spell on his own and has expensive editors, he cannot address fundamental issues, is not doing his job beyond a few partisan issues, and my credentials, a PhD in Politics vrs. an M.A. in Communications, and a whole book on the Revelation vrs. a degree from Moody Bible college, are simply superior. To his wealth, I oppose my poverty and the reasons for it, a lifetime of dedication to the principles of American politics and the most important thing in utter disregard of my personal fortunes, and a Libertarian refusal to submit to any slavishness or tyranny, even when everyone else tells me that is why I am so poor, and slavishness is the yellow brick road to the American dream.

This will certainly be attributed to accident, and then they will say it is our own fault, then that we are crazy, then that they had a perfect right to do it, then that you are too poor to continue your lawsuit, then that you have violated a technicality, then that you are dead and have wasted your life trying to oppose big money when you know it is not opposable, except by violent revolution, which is also something we can, and many will, waste our lives doing.

The Marijuana Position of the CLC

   It is Shakespeare’s birth and death day, the death being a known date while the birth is conjectured and traditional. Since no one reads my Shakespeare writing, I have thought today to clarify my position on marijuana, which is also, so far, the same as the position of the CLC.

   In sum, the states never delegated to the national government the power to prohibit what is not a toxic and addictive medicine, while the state laws are unconstitutional for a different reason, the supremacy of the Bill of Rights.

   First, the law forbidding one to grow one’s own weed and smoke it is unconstitutional. In a word, this is because no commerce is involved. There never was a more obvious constitutional case. In order to prohibit the addictive, toxic and socially harmful beer and wine, prohibition advocates had to change the constitution, with the 18th Amendment, which was quickly recognized to be a great error, causing an organized crime explosion from which this nation has yet to recover. And even during prohibition, governments could still not prevent one from brewing one’s own beer and drinking it. This led to the sugar houses, where entrepreneurs would distill a little extra gin or whiskey to supplement their incomes, and soon these people found themselves extorted and controlled by the mob, here the Purple Gang and others like them. The same is now happening regarding weed. The constitutional question has been discussed in a previous blog. The basic idea is that in America, the purpose of government is to secure rights, and no one’s rights are even remotely violated by growing one’s own weed and smoking it. Hence, government has no power, we never gave the federal Congress this delegated power, to prohibit marijuana. Nor do the states have the power to violate the Second sentence of the Declaration as spelled out in the Bill of Rights, especially in the Fourth and Fifth but also in the First Amendments. The criminalization has also led to the violation of the constitution is other ways, for example the suppression of speech and assembly when we try to pass legislation on the issue, as has been routine for fifty years, and violations of just about every other Amendment of the Bill of Rights, except perhaps the Second.

   Second, the criminalization of weed is the cause of about one half of the strength of organized crime and the Gangs in Colombia and Mexico. Even now, with the legalization in a few states and medicinal laws in a few others, a recent bust at a tunnel in San Diego yielded something like seven tons of weed and one ton of cocaine, probably about equal in value, fifty percent. The following of our constitution on this one issue would instantly cut the war on drugs in half, making the other half more manageable. Notice too that there was not also a shipment of heroin coming in through that tunnel.

   Third, Marijuana is useful in medicating withdrawal from heroin, as has been stated by the MI Legalize people and other advocates. It is not so big a moneymaker as the drugs of the prescription drug companies, so they and hence popular opinion will tend to ignore it, but detox centers are going to be a priority if we have any say, and marijuana is non toxic, less addictive than coffee, and generally something like aspirin compared to oxy, but as a mild, home remedy antidepressant. It does not tend to make people violent, though I would not give it to a violent person who was drunk already, nor is it a significant factor in traffic accidents. Nor would I prescribe marijuana for psychoses distinct from depression, as some kinds do make people sleepy and paranoid. Marijuana lightly churns the thoughts or the “unconscious,” which is why it is helpful for depression but not usually for paranoia or psychotics, whose problem is that their unconscious is overly churned already, to the extreme of dreaming while awake in the wrong way. This is also why marijuana is, as we say, helpful in small amounts in reading the scripture and in study. It is not good for getting started at anything, because it is distracting. It takes attention away from the practical, technical reasoning and brings attention to the things within. So smoking pot is not good for getting started on the task at hand, setting up or figuring out how to do something one does not want to do for its own sake. But once started, it is very good for getting into one’s work and seeing new things. Hence the musicians and artists, at a rate of over ninety percent, have always enjoyed weed. And just as we could not work at computers without the benefit of the work of the druggie Steve Jobs, so we would have no music at all were we to drug test the musicians before we play their songs during the work day.

   Fourth, the current medicinal law is a disaster in a few ways, if an improvement in others. Thefts and even organized crime are involved already, and there was nearly a scam, narrowly averted, to seize property by following the list provided by the requirement of licensing. This involves our police department in a RICO case, because our police departments did indeed turn into organized criminal gangs on the issue of property seizures in general. Few noticed, except when their own cars were impounded, and the scam focused on the poor, because we are lawyerless and vulnerable, rather than the rich, who would require the perpetrators to pay off a judge to set aside the Fifth Amendment.

   Fifth, the exclusion of those who smoke weed has impoverished our public life, as none could get a job unless they lied about the weed and, in the more slavish professions, evaded drug testing, the testing itself a violation of the constitution. This fact promoted or selected for self serving liars in our political offices. A Supreme Court nominee, Mr. Ginsberg, was excluded from confirmation solely because he admitted smoking weed with a graduated student. Then when a case like Reich v. Ashcroft comes up, the court is rigged in the government’s favor, with any truthful one who might understand the issue systematically excluded. Government in general has been limited to people stupid enough to swallow the government arguments, produced at taxpayer expense for fifty years. Thankfully, there is no other issue on which we have routinely all owed and subsidized false science. The “gateway drug” argument is a fine example. It is the gateway indeed, to crime and up the dealer’s steps to the dealer’s door for our kids, who quickly see that weed is good, and hence the system of prohibition an illusion, thereby learning to distrust government and disregard the law in every other way, including the truly important ways, so that the power of the law to be a guide in ethical matters is destroyed. The ignoring of the constitution too on this issue led to a general disregard of the constitution on many issues, such as property seizures and drug testing. The one issue of drug testing got us started in setting aside the Fourth Amendment. Now private companies own our private information for their own marketing purposes, setting up many little multi-billion dollar tyrannies which have become un-opposable because of money and the expense of the courts.

   Finally, the chemicals used to grow medicinal weed have ruined the plant. Trying to make as much money as possible off their allotment of 12 plants, growers buy an incredible array of chemicals from a mobbed up company, then trust the process of “flushing” these things out of the buds, which never quite works. The product burns the lungs, probably from phosphorus, no doubt does harm in many other unknown ways, and the sweet taste is gone, if any of the stoners notice. Weed is not a lifestyle, and getting stoned not a goal in life, and people usually smoke way too much. Our new weed is more potent, so that smoking too much can now hardly be avoided, and the tolerance goes up, so that whole joints of absurdamundo are smoked by these idiots, who then spend their time on the liberal art of ridiculous cartoons. Still, there is no law against being a moron. Nor is there a law against advising that we quickly find something important and worthwhile to do with our limited time on this earth, focusing on the truly important things.

   The purpose of government indeed includes the regulation of commerce, against the sale of snake oil, for example. Businesses must be regulated to keep them focused on making money off producing true value, when it is so easy to make even more money by doing harm or abusing the common wealth. That is why the deregulation platform of the Republicans is such a disaster, and evidences such ignorance, if it begins from a genuine insight about absurd regulations. Government must prevent money interests from producing harmful weed, and the suggestion would be that, rather than take “campaign contributions” to design a law that facilitates six big companies, or the mobsters from Oakland county, we allow first the sale of organic weed, and subject any additions to rigorous scrutiny. We might watch out for the interests of the small farmer, and take note of what happened to tobacco when government gave an allotted amount which then created an interest in using chemicals which are carcinogenic and no can seem to get around to testing, due in part to the wisdom and certainty of the new common opinion that no smoking is our one ethical certainty while all other truths are relative.

   The marijuana issue is a good example of what can happen when government does not do what it is supposed to do, but allows itself to be subjected to everyone else’s interests. Government is not supposed to legislate private morals, but is supposed to regulate commerce for the common good. It is certainly not empowered by the constitution to call commerce what is not commerce in order to promote a government-cultivated ideology based not on science but upon a government-required ignorance. If we do things like this on small matters, the effect upon the whole can become huge and decisive. I am reminded, for an analogy, of using a lift to work on a factory ceiling, where a small, quarter inch difference in the level of the floor under one wheel leads to a huge wobble at the top of the lift fully extended, and rolling over a two-by-four can tip the whole lift, with the workers in it. It is sometimes very important to get small things right, with honesty and diligence, to avoid huge and unforeseeable bad consequences.

   Much of this has been said before in previous blogs, elaborated in different ways, but bears repeating here to distinguish our position from that of the mmcdonald77 in California, so prominent now on Google though it has been a cancelled website for two years. Add another constitutional violation to the list, as cynicism has become the truth regarding our government and self-interest. And much more could be said, though we expect our advocacy of striking down the law to help us more than hurt us in the election for U. S. House in the 7th District here in Michigan. Perhaps the voter will find a little honesty refreshing, in contrast with those jerks we have elected who try to dodge the media-circus question “have you ever smoked weed.” Oh yea, but he didn’t inhale. What a foolish circus we have made of our politics, and the most foolish of all is called the “anti-establishment” candidate, who has never cared about the constitution nor anything ever more than money, unless it is his tyrannical ego. Now let him seize the law, all so you could do prohibition.

   But the unconstitutionality of the prohibition is especially evident when compared to the obligation to ignore the most extreme issues regarding homosexuality, forbidding the ethical teaching against sodomy and gamory, a teaching for everyone but especially for homosexuals, following Plato, because we do not want to offend those who love the same gendered person, again because unless someone else’s rights are being violated, our Jeffersonianism and our constitution requires that government leave people alone. This indeed leads us into comedy about what one may do and not do, though here we had better stop with our libertarian cynicism. The politicians will suck up as soon as popular opinion catches up, and this slavishness too is indeed not illegal in America.