No De-tox Centers Yet II: Guest Blog of Myia Blackwood

In this single example one will find a better adviser to Congress than anyone currently on the payroll, if our Republicans are interested in balancing the budget. One will also see how spending a small amount wisely and without the customary corruption kickbacks will not only increase the common wealth, but avert a national security danger, as our enemies work to soften us up by destroying 20% of the American youth. Here is the guest blog of my niece Myia Blackwood, whom I asked to write about the difficulty of rescuing these literally dying people from a scam that the weakness and corruption of our government and the acquiescence of the American people has allowed to occur:


Detox Center Availability

I have been a heroin addict for the past 7 years and I have tried every possible “solution” to detox. Getting clean is not something that is possible to do without help,considering heroin and opiate drugs are so readily available. I tried the emergency room, they sent me home after 2 hours with anti-nausea medication. I tried the emergency room for suicide (seeing as psychiatric hospitals are willing to detox their patients with drugs such as methadone, suboxone or subutex) but the doctor at the E.R. told me I was lying and they only had room for actual suicidal patients, no room for junkies who couldn’t afford their dope that day. Little did they know, I was suicidal every day. Living as a heroin addict is no life to live, and death became a not-so-scary option after a while. But, seeing as I lived my life on constant numbing agents and opiate drugs, I was too numb to be able to express my feelings to anyone at all, let alone a doctor who judged me for who I was the minute I walked through the door.
There is a detox center I went to about 8 times during my addiction in Ann Arbor, MI called Spera, it was free, the waiting list averaged out to being about 5 days, which isn’t as long as most places but still not soon enough. The problem with Spera though is that it is an anti-medication based detox center, and as long as your vitals are checking out you’re forced to attend groups and meetings daily as you’re running back and forth to the bathroom puking your guts out. While we weren’t throwing up, most of us ended up on the back patio-area chain smoking and discussing our past drug use and glorifying all the great times we had higher than hell, chasing our constant addiction. They don’t have the means to keep their patients busy enough to keep the idea of using out of their head. Medication is needed to detox for most people, in my experience, but any medication-based treatment centers I have found are too expensive for any heroin addict to ever be able to afford unless they happen to have some long lost rich relative who they haven’t got around to tainting the relationship enough to be disowned.
When I was 17 years old, when I caught my first legal charge, the state paid for me to go to a 30 day treatment program. While, considering the average addict goes to rehab 7 times before they get clean and stay clean, I relapsed not long after my first stint in treatment and every single time I called my local community mental health trying to get funding, it was impossible. I remember calling multiple times begging from the bottom of my heart for treatment or even just detox to get through withdrawal with help because I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, and I got denied every single time. I would beg the people on the phone, inform them that without help I will most definitely end up dead (like all of my friends who are less fortunate) but was denied since the state already funded me once, two, three, four years earlier.
Jail was never an option because there was no treatment involved, and all jail does is lower your tolerance to the point where when you end up getting out and eventually using again, you will most likely overdose. Every time I was thrown in jail as a “solution” to my addiction according to the court, I relapsed as soon as I was back on the streets.
There needs to be medicated detox centers available to EVERYONE. It’s heartbreaking that there’s not. Money shouldn’t be someones chance of a life. People who can afford treatment are not the only ones who deserve to survive. I’m sick of going to funerals. I’m sick of listening to my friends call me and beg me for a solution, because I honestly don’t have one. I got clean because I contracted endocarditis and destroyed my heart valve to the point where a two month hospital stay and open heart surgery was needed, and considering how sick I was, the hospital slowly detoxed me during my stay, which obviously isn’t an option for other addicts. I got lucky by getting sick, contracting sepsis, MRSA, endocarditis and almost dying multiple times because it got me clean. I read the N.A. book during my hospital stay and I convinced myself that I was finally ready to stay sober. Some people don’t have that chance. Most people die before they are ever ready. And the fact that most people look at us like we’re just dirty junkies and don’t bother to even try to care enough to help, is killing off our youth. I am somebody’s daughter, sister, friend, niece, and I am a human being who deserved help 7 years ago and was only lucky enough to survive. Help is needed, and it is not available. We have a generation of zombie-like adults, and people who are on the streets killing themselves more and more every day, praying to God for an answer, and never finding one. Something needs to be done. This isn’t fair.

-Myia Blackwood


7 thoughts on “No De-tox Centers Yet II: Guest Blog of Myia Blackwood

    • There is a number, something like 40 per state per day, that could be saved with a place of refuge or asylum for a month or two, and certain drugs to ease them through the withdrawals with limited side effects. These could come to be tomorrow, if those able, like the guy who visited Mount Salem, would get the lead out. That, too, is why I’ll keep running for his seat.

  1. I know Myia and she is an amazing lady and even while in her depths of use, she wanted and begged at every door for help and the door was always closed in her/are face in essence. She fought a incredible battle and words cannot express how much herion/dope she was putting in her body (her tolerance hot so high, she was doing enough dope for a 400 pound man and beyond at her mesley 95 pounds)! If there are ever a meaning of a true warrior/trooper its this person. She is nothing short of a miracle!
    Those that are reading this and possible thinking I am just a friend or bf and saying nice things (well, ur simple wrong) we no longer speak basically and she and I lived together and during that time she wanted off the drugs and we tried and tried, but I failed her and for that I am so sorry.
    The meaning of this reply is just like most of us, death has happened to are closet friends and loved ones and Myia is not being melodramatic regarding her literally oj the brink of death several times and her battles with addiction, if anything she is down playing them but SHE MADE IT OUT AND IS NOW ON THE OTHER SIDE.
    SO, believe in yourself and FIGHT and never give up, if Myia can do it with as much she was taking and putting in her body, you can too!! Believe…….

  2. We suspect that these de-tox centers as they are currently run do not work and involve kickbacks, so that the same folks making money from the oxy and the heroin are making money from the taxpayer on the de-tox centers, and have an interest in their failure. We also suspect that marijuana is the one thing that would help the most, and that it is not being prescribed for those going through withdrawals. What do you think, Myia?

    I think that the entire thing is some kind of hoax to make money. The cartels give the American government information to let them bring into the united states as much drugs as they want, which they give the government a cut of their profit. When drug addicts get arrested (for having a disease, being an addict should not be a crime) they are forced to pay court fines, jail fees and probation costs, when an addict decides they’d like to get clean, the cost of rehab is thousands, the cost of medication is thousands, and most people (IF they don’t end up relapsing and going through this process over and over again) stay addicted to suboxone, subutex or methadone for the rest of their lives, which costs them thousands. Where is this money going? This is the reason which I believe that the drug war isn’t as much of a war to keep us off drugs as a war to keep us on them. But who is paying attention to this? No one, because we’re all on drugs.

    Marijuana prescriptions would be a wonderful thing to help keep people off of heroin. Marijuana has always helped me detox. It helps with cravings, pain, nausea, sleep, and appetite. Prescribing marijuana for such a thing is most likely out of the question though. Why? Because it is not nearly as addictive as anything else. The pharmaceutical companies like to keep us hooked.

    Suboxone, subutex and methadone work. I have always been a big believer in them. They save lives, because they trick your brain into thinking you’re on heroin without getting you high. So most of the cravings and withdrawals will disappear. But these drugs should only be given for a short while unless you consciously make the decision to take them long term. No one wants to go from being addicted to one thing to another. Sometimes its better to stay on them long term. For me, it worked like a charm. I need something to block the cravings and if I need meds to stay alive, I will take meds to stay alive. But I hate dishing my money out to these people. It really bothers me. I would rather smoke marijuana to keep me sober, but thats “illegal”.

    There are more detox centers that give out medication than there were a year ago, from my understanding. Which is wonderful. But most of these places are very hard to get into, and if you do get into them most seem to be in horrible neighborhoods. I always say, “Don’t shit where you eat” Meaning, don’t go to rehab in a place where you get your drugs right around the corner. Seriously, this is just common sense. I have seen so many addicts make this mistake. They go to the first rehab center that will accept them, they say “oh I can handle it” and then they get there, they’re dope sick, depressed, and it eats at them. Most that I’ve seen end up leaving and relapsing within a few days. Myself, I have been clean for almost six months, and if I was put in a rehab center, knowing I could leave and get drugs down the street, I would still probably leave and get drugs right down the street. If I know and can admit the fact that I would do that after 6 months, what would someone else do after three days?

    The bottom line is, that number one: my addiction is not for your profit. This is my life. This is my families life. This is my future and my past. I do not appreciate you God damn rich pieces of shit profiting off of my misery. Number two: There needs to be MORE REHAB AND DETOX CENTERS IN BETTER NEIGHBORHOODS. When I have the chance to be able to go and use, I need to be able to make the decision to say no. Putting addicts right at the brink of recovery into that environment and situation is not fair, especially because for a lot of people, it takes everything in them just to walk through the front doors of treatment.

    • Thanks Myia!

      On Rehabilitation Centers

      Again, it seems to me that four people: Myself, my mother, my sister Marti and Myia could design a better rehabilitation program than what is presently being done at great expense to the medical system and the U. S. taxpayer. The Hippocratic oath is the great guide of medicine. The purpose of medicine is to heal, not to make money.

      The use of drugs is indeed something like a misdemeanor, but not a crime in the sense that a genuine crime is a crime: a violation of the rights of another which government is empowered to protect, even such as property, protected from theft. That is especially evident in these Oxy-heroin cases, which have begun in doctors trying to make money by prescribing oxy and other opioids, when the doctors are already being paid six figure salaries not to line their own pockets, but to care for the health of the patient. The doctors got them addicted to opioids, and money went to the doctors and the drug companies. If organized crime does not benefit directly from this money, they will soon benefit when the oxy addict turns into a heroin addict. Then the rehab centers are set up not to heal but to pretend to heal while taking money from the addicts and from the health care system. Money again might go directly to organized crime from the judges and rehab centers, or again when these fail, they will have their money again directly from the heroin. Meanwhile, about twenty percent of the next generation is in danger of destruction, while the rest of America is just not quite working right. Again, I believe this is done intentionally, to prime us for an attack. But either way, it may be the greatest problem facing those who care for the good of America.

      My rehab centers would be first a refuge and a place of asylum away from any city, so I would ask for state land. We would build them with rehabilitated labor, as much as possible. They would grow their own food, just to give the residents work. They would have a library and teaching programs, or open the possibility of the liberal arts, while also working on remedial education, reading, writing and arithmetic and such. They would of course be staffed by medical doctors able to prescribe the right drugs to reverse the process that led to the addiction. And Marijuana would be legal, the goal being to replace addictive drugs with the non-addictive, from which the person would again be free to choose and not inspired to commit crimes to pay for drugs. Are you listening, Lieutenant Governor Calley? U. S. Congress?

      18 bills were just passed allocating 721 million dollars to counteract the damage done so that Purdue Pharmacy and others could make Billions- 31 Billion made off a singe type of twelve hour oxy, for which prescriptions were altered to allow, that is, when the drug was not working, the rules were changed and the dosage increased so that 31 Billion dollars could be earned. The 18 laws had better do better than I have just done working for free, or I will call for these congressmen to lose their jobs! And is it not time to sue and charge these pharmacies to turn some of this scammed money toward the solution of the problem they created?

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