Was Jason Dalton On An “SSRI” Like Prozak?

   As has been suggested, antidepressants may be the cause of our U. S. epidemic of public shootings. What we are doing differently from other nations- in addition to our promiscuity about the availability of guns- is over-prescribing antidepressants and other psychiatric medicines. Americans use prescription psychiatric drugs far beyond any other nation. We have the same medical and psychiatric science as other nations, but where we differ is in our strange U. S. political circumstances. All prescription drugs are being over-prescribed due to our peculiar and degenerate political circumstances and our peculiar faith in technology to cure all maladies and our peculiar faith in money and money making. Americans have been a drug culture, at least from the time of what Mick Jagger and Keith Richards called “Mothers little helper,” the speed and Valium given by doctors to make Stepford wives of housewives. Then the hippies turned to drugs as a replacement for a spiritual life and the liberal arts. In addition, what we are doing differently from other nations is allowing businesses to make the rules, while Congress sits on the side lines, afraid to regulate anything to preserve the common good. Regulations are sure to be abused, burying their subjects under a mountain of paperwork to prove compliance, while the regulations themselves are subject to the corrupt dealings of congress, where bribery and “Campaign contributions” are constitutionally indistinguishable. The first attempt of Congress to address the oxy-heroin epidemic was so brilliant that it could easily be orchestrated to result in no effect other than genuine pain sufferers being denied oxy, so that they, and only they, would scream out publicly, and we would quickly learn the folly of attempting to limit the prescription drug industry. But the psychiatric drugs, we argue, are most susceptible of abuse by profiteering over-prescription, due to our ignorance of the causes in psychology. For unlike the medical science of the body, we argue, there is nothing like a medical science of the soul, at least in our possession. This allows for the practice of psychiatry in which patients are given antidepressants after a fifteen minute interview with a doctor who has likely studied only genes and neurons, and never seriously considered the maladies of the soul at all. These are your licensed “mental health professionals.”

   Now consider the weak or bad character, who does not care for others any more than does our usual “successful” capitalist, as “friends” and “people” to “win” and “influence,” means to his end of this thing called the “American dream,” not the one spoke of by Martin Luther King, where people would be judged by the content of their character, but the one where character is judged by the content of one’s wallet. Enter the bottom third of the Americans, the worst one third. Now consider that the effect of Prozac and the similar drugs, called “serotonin selective re-uptake inhibitors,” such as Fluoxitine or “Prozac,” Paxil and Zoloft. As the Abnormal psych text relates,

Originally considered antidepressants for use in the specific psychiatric treatment of relatively severe mood disorders, they are now [1998] also widely employed by many physicians, even non-psychiatrists, to ease patient’s often vague complaints of feeling unhappy…The pharmacological message appears to be that many people feel “better” when they have lots of serotonin available in the neuronal synapses of their brains.

                                                                          Carson, Butcher and Mineka, 1998, p.621

These drugs are reported by those who use them to “increase suicidal urges and agitation” (p. 613). Dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin are enzymes involved in neurotransmitters, the “synapses” or connections between the neurons involved in brain activity. These drugs work not by regulating the release of dopamine, as the anti-schizophrenia and psychosis drugs do, but by regulating the uptake, at the other end of the neuron (so that apparently this “sarotonin” stuff is just floating about the knoggin, or, pardon, the “synapse,” un-re-taken-up.) These are different from the “MOA inhibitors” which inhibit an enzyme in the synapse that breaks down serotonin and another enzyme that is released into the space between the synapse, and similar to the “Tricyclics” that also inhibit the re-uptake of the enzymes like serotonin, like the ones on which Nick Drake killed himself. Prozac replaced the tricyclics because it is not toxic or addictive. But no one knows whether Prozac causes bad people who are armed to feel agitated and suicidal enough to go into public and kill themselves while taking many others with them, as has in fact been occurring. No one knows this because no one ever thought to ask the question, and the drug companies never had an interest in even trying to study the question. Those who are suicidal and agitated and armed, wishing to die and not caring about other people, have been taking their guns and shooting people, not in private households perhaps so much as in public. “Agitation” or anger generally involves projecting responsibility onto another, who may or may not “deserve” this anger, as well as that strange human phenomenon of revenge. That is the hypothesis. We also maintain that no one can think of this as a possibility because of our misplaced trust in the psychiatrists. No one puts political philosophy and psychology together, to be able to stand back, raise their thumb, look and see what is occurring. And again, another political circumstance is the strange, unconstitutional prohibition against the best home remedy for depression since wine: Marijuana. We are like the Muslims who would not think to disagree with an expert in Islamic jurisprudence, even if he preached murder, because of our ignorance not regarding the Koran, but regarding the genuine study of the human soul. We are also like the adherents of Sharia law in our willingness to submit to unconstitutional prohibitions, like those regarding cigarettes and pot. We will not consider that American tobacco is more carcinogenic than that grown in other nations because of the fertilizers and chemical additives, and no one has ever tested organic tobacco, nor tried to make a safer cigarette. Instead, we repeat popular opinion as our first principles, replacing religion with these moronic cow-tomes. The Americans are especially characterized by the valetudinarian obsession with bodily health, bodily pleasures and the infinite value of mere bodily life, except when it comes to auto wrecks. These kill 50,000 per yer, 1000 per state, and we blink like Nietzschean last men. But the serious problem is our thoughtlessness, which is literally killing us, and our quickness to blame the gadfly trying to rescue us.

   Antidepressants are the cause of the epidemic of public shootings, in combination with our promiscuity regarding guns. Take that to the bank. Indeed, I must thank a mysterious woman identified only as “Calley” for the information that Jason Dalton was on Prozac. The office of the Lieutenant Governor assured me that because of their great concern for privacy, you know, that Fourth and Fifth Amendment thing, that no one could ever divulge even to science what drugs that murderer was on. It is not, after all, like some celebrity pulled over for erratic driving. So I do not know how this Calley would know such a thing, but I do believe her. I hope she is a good guy, since I gave her my phone number, and in case she is not, told her, “You know that guy and that other guy who I will never know his name? You tell them they owe me two nieces.”


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