Two Advances On Rainwater Collection / Property Seizures

Well, the people of Flint continue to drink and attempt to bathe in bottled water, and to attempt to filter their leaden water, while I collect plenty of rainwater for drinking, and now enough for coffee too, and WordPress blocks the access f the search engines to my website, so that all my traffic is word of mouth, oh, except for certain government computers, which seem to access the cite just fine on a rare occasion. Again, this is mathematical, and has been demonstrated in a previous blog. My Rainwater collection methods have been described repeatedly as well, and I have used up my time and Obamaphone minutes trying to get word to the Governor, NPR and anyone else who can stand to listen.

Here are two advances:

  1. A company in California has invented a new graphite filter that works like a maze and may just get the lead out. I will look up their name when time allows, and update.

2. (WordPress has decided I must do a numbered list). I have gone to setting a larger stainless 2 foot square water trough under my Absopure bottle with the funnel and coffee filter in the mouth, because I was missing too much of the water. I will then manually pour this through the filter and into the 5 gallon Absopure bottle. Filtering the water takes too much time, but with a little improvement here, the system will work smoother. Again, I have a piece of plastic with the edges rolled up in dowels draped over a frame, stabilized with my staple gun, to counter wind, which is one of the major challenges to rainwater collection. Again the key its simply to make a large two-dimensional surface channel into your collection bottle, and I have six or seven ways to do this. And again, I am beyond frustration trying to get people to see the simplest innovation.

Property Seizures

The frustration is similar to the frustration of trying to get people to realize that the police are not allowed to steal property because of the Fifth Amendment, and there was just a whole story on NPR Marketplace that treated the issue like they were born yesterday, and there were no Bill of Rights. The Fifth Amendment was not even mentioned, and while Michigan has made some progress, the rest of the nation continues slavishly to submit to to local and Federal governments preying upon the lawyerless and dividing the profits “80/20,” oblivious to the impending armed rebellion this will cause when all at once the people realize that the badge and organized crime have become synonymous. The Justice Department treats the issue like it is just the way things are done, and honest cops (?) can be heard defending the practice on the radio like they do not know what ever could be wrong.

When police bust petty poor persons for small amounts of Marijuana, they are often heard to chant their obligation to uphold the law. Let the honest cops apply this reasoning to the corruption they see daily in their own departments and fell compelled or obligated by the chain of command to ignore, let them turn this reasoning on the corruption of the badge- a Much more serious issue, and, well, like Bernie Sanders has now taken to saying, we would see America stand upright and enter a condition where indeed we would not have to fear losing the impending ISIS war.



4 thoughts on “Two Advances On Rainwater Collection / Property Seizures

  1. Again, because the charming wordpress takes the opportunity to shake down my non-wordpress visitors for information they can market. This is very bad manners regarding visitors like the Author Michael McShane, not to mention undercover agents who are good guys but require privacy, just for one example. McShane described this in the comment on my about page, and has stopped visiting. I too stop visiting sites as where Gravitar gives one a frowning logo if they do not give Gravitar information (Story-ape, etc). WordPress blocks search engine traffic that is non wordpress, and tried to extort up to a thousand dollars for something they do not own, but, having paved my driveway to the internet, they have the power to then set up their toll booth. If I am a candidate for U. S. House of representative, this is Federal election tampering. They do not care because I do not have enough money to sue them, and they are stupid techies who are incapable of thinking about politics or caring about the truth or the common good. Hence, I call their 60 millionaire owner “Mellon-wedge,” a fine play upon his name. They needed to apologize and fix this one year ago. I published a book, set up an e-junkie account, and sold not a single one. Hence I have now lost my bank account and e-junkie connection, because I literally do not have five dollars. Enough.

    The fact regarding search engine access is mathematically demonstrable. The blog “Was Jason Dalton on Antidepressants received 116 word of mouth visitors and 2 or 4 through searches not typing in mmcdonald77 but rather Jason Dalton” or any such thing. I have maybe 500 pages that should have not only the titles but the text picked up, leading to thousands of listings. Questioned, they will say it is my fault, and explain how to increase traffic. I heard the Pakistani man try to extort money for access. I could, though, be blocked by anyone, government, drug companies etc, for whom wordpress has agreed to do this, but It is probably just their stupid, middle class destroying way of making 60 million dollars by making a few cents off each account, at the expense of our total destruction. What they are not thinking about is that in order to milk the cow, one must avoid killing the cow, but there are plenty more cows. Otherwise, I like wordpress quite a bit, as far as the driveway goes, but we insist they remove the toll booth, and now they need to compensate us for their indiscretion.

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