Hey Flint: We have 7 1/2 Gallons of Drinkable Rainwater!

Need we say again that we have plenty of rainwater for drinking? And need we ask again why Flint is trying to bathe in bottled water while all that rainwater slides down the roof and into the gutter?

My method of collecting is greatly improved by the addition of the nice stainless steel washed trough type bucket underneath my Absopure bottle. The big trick now it to eliminate the time it takes to filter the trough rainwater through my coffee filter for drinking, though for coffee I think I would use it, since it’ll get filtered anyway. When I get some $$, I’m going to get a good charcoal and sand filter and put it in a bigger funnel, and when I really get some major investment, I will make the 6 x 10 collecting surface out of stainless steel sheet metal bought and bent up for the purpose.

My apologies to the woman in the Governor’s office for beginning my letter on Easter Sunday with “You stupid woman!” It was involuntary! But the children of Flint, our future, is eating lead while they do all those more important things, like deal with P. R. and profits..

Any entrepreneur who wants to work on this stuff is welcome. We ask a 20% inventors after expenses, and honest business dealings. 80% of this stuff is a fortune, and there will be more, but bad Karma is assured if your dishonest, so just stay away.



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