Nathan the Prophet and Leo Strauss on Natural Right

The book Natural Right and History by Leo Strauss opens with the story that Nathan the prophet told to King David after the King had taken the wife of Uriah in adultery and then had Uriah killed in battle by ordering his commanders to leave the mercenary exposed. This is the great sin of King David, the sin that prevents us from honoring any man, even the founder of the temple at Jerusalem.

After David did this thing, Nathan the prophet comes to him and tells him a story about a rich king who had as many sheep in his flock as David has concubines. Yet when a visitor came, the rich king took the one pet lamb loved by the vinekeeper Naboth. That is how we feel about adulterers who do not love but destroy love by taking and seducing the one loved to add to their flocks. That is also how we feel about wordpress destroying small businesses to add to their flocks of millions, and about Congress and the Courts denying Justice to the poor, and about the executive branch spying on the small precious privacy of the true citizen, making it impossible for these to function, while ISIS grows and America prepares for a war we may well lose.



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