Oxy and American Medicine: CBS Considers Dr. Kostenco and the Coal Country Clinic

CBS Sixty Minutes has done a report on a most extreme legal drug dealer, a Dr. Kostenco. His clinic operates on a cash only basis writing prescriptions after an interview that lasts minutes, and he earns 100,000 dollars per week, and has written 40,000 prescriptions in two years. The case is not unique, but epidemic. In West Virginia, each year, one prescription for each of the 1.8 million residents is written.

“We are talking in a certain sense drug traffickers. They are doing nothing but writing and cranking out prescription after prescription after prescription,” said DEA agent Gary Newman. Vicadin, Xanax and Lortab are three brand names mentioned.

But the DEA is having difficulty shutting down the Coal Country Clinic. These are licensed doctors writing legal prescriptions. The epidemic, then, is more broad than the narrow focus of the DEA. It is an epidemic of stupidity in America. Our suggestion is that we trace these things out and get at their source. It is possible to sue not only the doctors, but also the drug stores and the drug companies. But lawsuits take a long time, the poor have no access to the courts at all.

The suggestion is that we trace these things out, and stop being so stupid and cowardly. Congress has allowed these things to occur in exchange for “campaign contributions,” so let these things become known. When congress attempts to act and the only effect is that pain sufferers are screaming for their medications on the media, we need to see the hoax and find out who orchestrated this joke. We need to trace out the connection between the legal drug dealers and the heroin dealers profiting from the circumstance, by following out the obvious financial interests until we find the criminals hidden under the rock. Who devised this scam from the beginning? We are defective in both intelligence and courage. Is it Russian organized crime, and hence a foreign attack, perhaps in league with a terrorist attack, since heroin comes from Afghanistan? And then we need to have the courage to dump organized crime before it destroys America and causes us to lose a war. We need to learn a lesson about the trust in the authority of doctors that we never forget. Dr. Carson, the one time presidential candidate, never once raised the issue of prescription drug abuse in America. Finally we need to see through this bullshit idea of “success” in America and rid ourselves of the shysters and the ways they have been elected, and just say no to campaign contributions that are indistinguishable from bribery, again before we lose a war.

But search engines cannot find this blog, and the 1.8 million residents of West Virginia for each of whom a prescription has been written do not care. Congress will not question the executive branch, and the FBI is using the internet companies to spy on the citizens rather than protect us or secure out rights. The drug companies, like the internet billionaires, can simply manipulate public opinion and control the government, in a nation where we think success is the appearance of a used car salesman and a fat wallet. The people have no access to the courts without money, and once there the whole process is corrupt. This is a recipe first for civil war and then for losing a foreign war. And yes, America, that might interrupt your T.V. show or video game.



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