Cell Phones are all Hacked

At what point do we wake up? A report on the news yesterday, on both NPR and WWJ, has said that cellphones can be easily hacked with just a phone number, allowing the hacker access not only to all phones and messages, but also to camera and microphone services even while the user thinks the phone is off.

The only way to get the attention of the stupid Americans is to talk money and identity theft, and so I will only say that the bank asked for the first five digits of my social security number, and I had to tell them that I had just given the last four digits to a creditor, that I could add five and four, and that none of our phones are secure. That was before hearing the report, and of course there must be something wrong with me, first to say such a thing, and then, when it turns out to be true, to be concerned about it.

This is an enormous failure of government to recognize our constitutional principles. We will learn too soon that the FBI argument that the Fourth Amendment must be set aside in the interests of security is tyranny. Just the economic impact of this stupidity of ours regarding technology will be immense: no one will be able to use the technology for anything important, and those who do will be hacked and destroyed, every business and every politician, but also every private person. Imagine the economy if we could use the new tech without fear of being prostituted by Google, Microsoft, the FBI, WordPress, and anyone else with an interest in our information? Hit men now have easy access to a person’s itinerary, and this was used in Bangladesh just the other day to knife then shoot a secular blogger. I just gave my phone number to that nice woman, “Calley,” at the visit of Tim Walberg to Salem Township Hall, and I hope now she is with the Governor’s office or the FBI spying on me, but I do fear the other alternative. The crooks have all day and a lot of money to set up anything they like, while our cops are such meatheads I will not even report the incident, or again, it will be my fault, increase their spying on me, and no good will come of it. We are on our own. And that is just one more of the many reasons we have not thought of yet as to why our ignorance regarding privacy is a national security disaster.


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