Google Lists a Cancelled Reditt Website Second Under mmcdonald77

Google or the federal government has listed a three year old cancelled marijuana website second, right after my website, when one looks up mmcdonald77. If I were to complain to Google or the federal government, the reaction would be the same, so I can only blog about it to my word-of-mouth visitors, since web traffic to my website is blocked except by typing in the web address- none of my topics, pages or blogs are accessible through keyword searches. We will try to sue over this violation of the First Amendment, but as we now know, there is likely to be nothing that can or will be done about it, unless the government and internet companies increase their spying on me, you know, to keep you all safe. Do you feel safe?

3 thoughts on “Google Lists a Cancelled Reditt Website Second Under mmcdonald77

  1. It is interesting to compare the Bing results for the web address mmcdonald77, which cannot even find the spam report on the mavis mcdonald, nor the two years gone marijuana website from California, but without listing adds goes directly to the website. I would expect Yahoo to come up with much the same, but I do not have time for these things, on Shakespeare’s birthday. At least Google stopped listing these second and third, and now they are down the page just a bit. I do hope these things are not being done at taxpayer expense.

  2. Yahoo does list the Mavis McDonald spam report, but not the marijuana website. They generally have a much more genuine list. I try to use the search engine that messes with me the least, but the advertising on Yahoo is a bit much, since this is not what I was searching for.

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