Hey Governor Snyder, Try Rainwater

Our ingenious entrepreneurial Governor Snyder, with his new PR firm, has gone very public drinking filtered Flint tap water for “one month” to show his confidence in the system, and to answer critics like me who have told him to enjoy his retirement, in which he have plenty of clean water to drink. He tried to deflect criticism by saying his critics should look for solutions. Well, we work for free, and we wrote the Governor’s office, the Lieutenant Governor and NPR, anyone who might listen, about collecting and drinking rainwater. I was last answered by a woman I believe from the Lieutenant Governor’s office, who referred me to various companies that would reject my inventions because, you know, it’s not that it wouldn’t work, but they can’t see marketing it and making any money. I answered her on Easter Sunday, opening with “You stupid woman,” and explaining “Do you think everything is for sale,” then asking how much she wanted for her sons or daughters. They have sold out the children of Flint, and all they can think of is money making.

Today I replaced the plastic on my rainwater collector, in a few minutes, wrapping the ends in dowels, fastening the plastic with a staple gun, and draping it over the frame of the chicken yard built some 45 years ago by my father. I put the rocks in the top, cut an opening where the water would drain, and placed my trough underneath. Soon, when the rain comes, after the first bit runs off, I will place my Absopure bottle underneath, with the funnel and filter in the top, then manually filter the water that escapes into the trough. I am still too poor to afford a good charcoal filter, but the system works fine. Last rain I got 71/2 gallons, enough for both drinking and coffee water. The rich think rainwater is dirty because they do not understand or trust anything natural, but only trust the artificial things. We should indeed test the rainwater, but if you think it is dirtier than what goes through our ground right now, and through the pipes in Flint, well, your a moron or a stupid woman.

So now we are beginning to realize that all the water throughout all the country in poisoned, yeah, as Bob said “pellets of poison…our water,” when he wrote “Hard Rain.” No one will look back a few blogs at the dates, but we suggested long ago that they ask the question of why the water in the Flint River is 19 times more corrosive than the water in Detroit, and consider the obvious culprit road salt, and whether the Flint DPW is by the river dumping road salt or salty snow into or by the river, and whether anyone dumped old air conditioners, causing Legionnaire’s disease. The best guess I’v heard is that the Hospital dumped some medical waste or otherwise caused the Legionnaire’s, from which twelve nameless people have died.

But what do I know, I am only a poor man who works for free here on WordPress, unable to access the courts while they block access to the search engines waiting for me to give to their extortion. Thank You, WordPress, and thanks Governor Snyder, and to all the rich ready to vote for a tyrant because he is rich. They have provided cause and assurance for my Libertarian cynicism, and another fine blog for them to whore while the common good goes unattended.

I will go collect my rainwater, with my useless PhD in politics and ten years experience as an adjunct teacher of American Government, try to avoid being spied on by those who are welcome to threaten my life, and consider how impossible it will be in these circumstances to collect 3000 signatures to run for U. S. House of Representatives from the 7th District in Michigan. Perhaps I will apply my rainwater collecting methods, channeling a broad 2 dimensional surface, with a little geometry, into my collection bottle, a system that was once protected by the First Amendment, way back, you know, when America was free.

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