Transgender Bathrooms: Some Thoughts

Some people are of course born with unspecified genders, and this point ought settle the religious background of this question. As said before, the attempt of doctors to choose a gender for these people for social reasons led to an occasional atrocity. Presently, the radio says that LGTB people are 41/2 times more likely to commit suicide, and if the Christians want to add to this, well, we ought be ashamed of ourselves.

That said, there are some interesting points not being made about the transgender bathroom issue, not being made because common opinion, or fashionable opinion, does not have access to the nature behind the points. Genders are separated in bathrooms, and people allowed privacy, because men abuse women. There is no equality here, just as in the question of older women hitting on younger men: the men do not mind, if they are 16 and hook up with a hot 24 year old teacher, but for men to hit on 16 year old girls is a crime. Even on the rare chance that it were a genuine love, they would be obligated to wait for the girl to reach majority, and if it were a genuine love, this would be possible. But to treat the cases equally is a joke, and all 16 year old boys know it! We had this Social Studies teacher in High School, and me and my friend Jamie P. would sit in the front row and just swoon. We set off firecrackers on her window ledge to impress her, and got hauled away by the “principle in charge of vice,” (Credit Jack M.), Mr. M, who used to be a Dallas football player, and could lift the whole weight room with his legs.

So, separate bathrooms are especially to preserve the privacy of women, because they are vulnerable and endangered, whereas men care much less. The first suggestion, then, is that transgender people use the male restroom, unless a third restroom especially for transgender people is initiated. We already go to the trouble to have two, male and female, and perhaps we should have a third. But we cannot allow transgender men to use the women’s restroom, regardless of their past or current biological gender. When I was in about eighth grade, I had very long hair and no beard yet, and so looked like a little girl. I once mistook an eighth grade picture of me in an old yearbook as manager of the basketball team, I myself thought “who is that girl?” We knew this fact back then, and so devised a plot, with my friend L.- one of those plots one would not carry out but would think out for fun- to use our effeminate appearance to sneak into the woman’s locker room at a college, and scope it out!

Some young men are very shy about using the locker room at all, especially between the ages of 12 and 16, and more provision might have been made in the past for this modesty or shame, although it is perhaps also good for young men to get used to the locker room thing, so long as whose that fellow from Penn State is not around.

With the truly tragic things, comedy is our only salvation. The truly tragic things can be funny because they are so serious, and there is almost nothing so macabre that the human mind cannot make fun of it, since it deserves not only ridicule but armed opposition. Gender issues are not very serious in light of the truly tragic things, and whatever might be said of our ethical degeneration- no one wants to speak against, or even rationally consider, sodomy and gammory- it is a great advance of civilization that transgender people might escape the social pressure that contributes, or once contributed, to their suicides.

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