Comments Disappear Even From the History

Comments are disappearing from even the history of our work on the internet accessible through our computers, which is just amazing considering how everything we do on the internet leaves a permanent trail for the spies and marketers. Absolutely amazing, the page just cannot be found, especially on certain issues.

It was a comment in the e-mail of my U. S. Representative that disappeared yesterday, just before I could hit “submit,” perhaps because Toshiba’s auto click when one is hovering, to get these people clicking, went on all by itself, who knows? It is not an option, not disable-able, because someone is making money off the damned thing. Many points distilled through an hour of effort while pushing back cats and practical reality, with great effort and frustration, working for the common good too, for free. That is ok, too, because he does not want to hear bad things about any rich people, especially those that rule the internet and contribute to his campaign, nor will he even ask the simplest questions of the FBI and Justice Department, which is why I am trying to run against him for his seat in Congress. Again, even though he can probably spell on his own and has expensive editors, he cannot address fundamental issues, is not doing his job beyond a few partisan issues, and my credentials, a PhD in Politics vrs. an M.A. in Communications, and a whole book on the Revelation vrs. a degree from Moody Bible college, are simply superior. To his wealth, I oppose my poverty and the reasons for it, a lifetime of dedication to the principles of American politics and the most important thing in utter disregard of my personal fortunes, and a Libertarian refusal to submit to any slavishness or tyranny, even when everyone else tells me that is why I am so poor, and slavishness is the yellow brick road to the American dream.

This will certainly be attributed to accident, and then they will say it is our own fault, then that we are crazy, then that they had a perfect right to do it, then that you are too poor to continue your lawsuit, then that you have violated a technicality, then that you are dead and have wasted your life trying to oppose big money when you know it is not opposable, except by violent revolution, which is also something we can, and many will, waste our lives doing.

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