On Homelessness

The BBC has produced the finest show ever on the topic of homelessness and the effort to end homelessness, available at The Inquiry. The focus is on the work of two men, the founder of Housing First and a man who saw the movie about St. Francis, changed his life, and would up working on housing for the homeless in the Bush administration. The BBC followed this story, in the middle of the night, with stories on banking, the Internet and Chernobyl that all just kicked ass! It is the best of all to get up very early and hear the news shows in the middle of the night, when, it seems, the best journalists are more free to do their best work.

I will write, then, an essay here on the topic of homelessness and the attempt to end homelessness. We have invented people pods, and begun to discuss the issue on our Inventions page. And as a politician, I have said that I represent the bottom ten percent of the economy, and am still resolved to do this. People literally freeze to death and no one cares, or when we care, we are not able to reach them.

The problem of homelessness begins from the circumstance that all the property or land is owned. Were it not so, like bushmen, we could build our own shelters, even digging a hole and covering it with bark and making a small fireplace of stone. Hence, we argue that each city is obliged by natural right of natural law to have some place where these people can go, and this would make it possible for churches to find them. Some can live in homeless settlements, but some must live alone. The city will just have to deal with the problems of policing these settlements without violating their rights or shooting them dead at whim, but that is the same as it is for the good people who have houses, many of which are insulated with criminal enterprises. There is perhaps no quicker way to homelessness than to do nothing with a wink, or to allow crime no recognition.

Homelessness, then, is caused by the fact that all the property is owned all over the globe, and even the Bushmen have to defend their territory with arms, now that mankind has spread absolutely everywhere that is inhabitable.

…to be continued…

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