Oxy Doctors Are To Take Classes About Over-prescribing

WWJ reports that the doctors who prescribe the opioid oxy are now to take classes so they can learn not to over-prescribe the pain remedy that leads people to addiction and into the heroin trade. Of course, whomever devised this brilliant scheme could not also consider giving these PhD s classes about not taking kickbacks such as cash or vacations that they ought be able to figure out are coming from organized crime, in exchange for the possible treason of softening up our nation for the possible upcoming war while possibly pouring money into our enemies in Afghanistan and possibly Russia. How about a little sensitivity training along those lines?

The other great thing government devised was to limit the supply generally, so that genuine pain sufferers screamed out for lack of their medicine. One would think our psychiatry might devise a common sense pill, and perhaps a Hippocratic Oath pill. and quickly while we still have a free nation! Yea, a libertarian cynicism pill and a spirit of liberty pill, an integrity pill, and some supporting classes to go along with these! Perhaps Progress Michigan or the Bernie Sanders Progressives, the only ones to care at all about Prescription drug abuse as an issue, would study and publish who is contributing to the campaigns of the genius politicians who are coming up with these plans to deal with the oxy-heroin scam.

Reform “Campaign finance.” Vote CLC.

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