Facebook Steals the Love Button

A good example of many things about the American economy and about the world in general is that Facebook stole the love button, from me. The irony is that I cannot even use my own invention, unless I pay Facebook with information. But Facebook is not responsible with our information. They have collected facial recognition on one-year-olds without the consent of anyone, and now human traffickers may go shopping for the rest of the child’s life. They have done this contrary to explicit law in some states. The FBI will not help, due to their break down the door theory of the Fourth Amendment-which is that the Constitution they have sworn an oath to uphold simply does not exist. These are the very serious issues. But it is not surprising that if a company has a few Billion dollars, ethics and the law too will become malleable.

Some new patent laws were passed in April of 2016 that are not going to help the small entrepreneur or inventor. It will be said that the invention is just an idea with no physical substance, that it was published as a single sentence over a year ago, and I could not afford to patent or copyright it anyway-so they can steal it! An interesting anomaly, too, is that WordPress has given themselves ownership of us and everything we do, so that WordPress- another rich company!- has more rights to the thing than I do! Maybe we will see an epic battle of Titan billionaires over the Love Button, with Jesus watching from a cloud!

The “like” button always was limited and defective, as many people noticed, but the love button: this is not to be pressed lightly! The dislike button is not something we need, and there is already too much stuff like that on the internet: U-Tube has a thumbs down button, which is sufficient, and a thumbs up. I have also invented the Peace Button, because I often wish “Grace and Peace to You,” and am an ancient hippie. The Peace-Love Button combines the two, and even looks like a face- maybe the guy on the Clouds! And finally, I have invented the “No libertarian cynicism button, for people to press when they are sick of me!

I publish these inventions because, even though the economy is a “rigged game,” they are for the good of humanity, and the world is a better place if we have them aside from my own financial interests. Interestingly, I was the first one I ever heard say “rigged game,” from my studies (and I know which studies), and Bernie and Barack then started saying it, either because it is obvious or because my representative Tim Walberg talks to Rand Paul= who knows? I cannot count the number of things I have thought of before consciously hearing them anywhere, then see them especially in political discourse, which is my intention. But it would be nice to be able to live, write, and afford copyrights and patents!

But just wait till the news gets a hold of, or people hear, that Facebook stole the Love Button! It is ironic, eh? If they were smart, they would make me a deal, just to avoid the negative PR that indeed they will not be able to avoid.

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