The Computer Is Suddenly Slow

For three days now, our computer is suddenly so slow that it is almost unusable. Google was doing this to their competitors a while ago (As reported in Europe, but, oh wonder, not in the American “free” press), but now even Google is slow. Every click, one must wait 20-30 seconds, and often pages are just inaccessible. I never know who I’m pissing off, but if the FBI or WordPress or absolutely anyone wants to inhibit my political speech, our government welcomes them to do so, and my representative is quite probably paid not to care, so I will not even bother to complain.

4 thoughts on “The Computer Is Suddenly Slow

    • I do hope our problems are not connected- a comment on wordpress and their business practices regarding non-wordpress visitors disappeared just before your trouble started. If my box were sick, we wouldn’t want to spread a virus at your party!

  1. As I was saying, I removed three worpress downloads from my computer, 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2. We invented the Love Button and Facebook stole it! Off a Facebook website! Melon-wedge means only a sliver of the whole melon! Make money not off power but the value of your product!

    Condolences besides, for his recent loss.

    It is maybe Easter: Mary Madalene was the first to see

    Peace-Love, and no Libertarian Cynicism!

    P.S. Get the toll booth out of my driveway and allow internet search engines tyo access my site, and people to like and comment without signing up or giving info, or don’t you like the First Amendment, don’t you want to do business in the U. S.?

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