Drinkable Rainwater Overflows My Collection System

Now that it is May, the best rainwater collecting season, my system is overflowing, at about ten gallons or maybe thirteen. This is because milk jugs are not very useful, since they are hard to clean and sour otherwise, and I do not have more than one Absopure five gallon drinking water jug. So, next, we will devise ways of storing this rainwater for the dry season sure to come- like, get some more empty five gallon Absopure jugs! And we surely want to watch the stored water for microbes that grow over time: I do not know what will happen if one stores rainwater two or three months. But we can almost use drinkable rainwater for the garden and houseplants now, we have so much. And by the way, NPR, do you think it is safe to eat fruits and vegetables watered by rainwater? Maybe we should test it. Not to mention to let that dirty rainwater flow into our nice Flint River and through our high tech lead or PVC pipes! Maybe, with my intelligence and sarcasm, I could get a job working for Enbrige, Kaspersky and NPR!

I will, though, seek to patent my sheet metal, fold-able, washable rainwater collector, though not the plastic and Absopure bottle system with the funnel and coffee filter- that one is for the poor, who cannot even afford a parent. The elaborations of the small collectors to larger, village and city systems are just obvious, so you all better hurry up and steal these inventions. My “friends” and relatives were too stupid to help me, and all are shunning me for saying so, but that is just classic for inventors. Now we’ll all be blessed with poverty forever! Its probably a gift of the Lord, as I would not want to live like these American dream guys, these happy rich who hate if someone only says a thing they do not understand.

Where is that “No Libertarian Cynicism” button, quick!