Spying Billboards? Lets Restore the Old World

As my computer watches me to “market,” me, I write this morning to say some obvious but rather important things. This world where Billionaires suddenly own us leads to tyranny, and we must and will restore sanity and the Fourth Amendment. That the Billboards are now watching us is the news this morning, probably on WWJ. People of America, do you not see? Barack Obama, are you awake at this hour? Lets get some intelligence into government quickly, and oust all those who have been too stupid or slavish to see this coming.

Look, it is not “marketing” what they do not own and making money off value they have not produced that is our greatest concern. Hit men can track anyone and kill them at whim, and there are billions of dollars and thousands of mobsters who have all day to do these things, because they do not work, but live as “Caterpillars of the Commonwealth,” as the Gardener in Shakespeare’s Richard II puts it. Murders are suddenly exploding, and this is part of why. Our government Shifted focus on to Al Quaeda and foreign policy, ignorant of the connection between domestic crime and our vulnerability- ask Salwyn Raab. Truth is these morons who will do anything for wealth and power will do what they are paid to do, or forced to do, without asking why, so that, for example, the Russian mob can get doctors prescribing oxy to chase the Americans into the old mob which is doing heroin, and even the leading mobsters are too stupid to see that they are being used and had– (how’s your “honor,” boys?). Do you all happen to know which direction is Mecca? I say this as a joke, because the Italians will not really be forced to bow toward Mecca- they will be dead. The violation of the Fourth Amendment leads to tyranny, universal tyranny, if we allow this stuff to continue. We call for America to wake up, dust off that Constitution and that Declaration, and restore sanity, quickly. Vote CLC, and dear Barack, dude, be persuaded.

The purpose of Government is to secure rights: That is the third assertion of the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence. “To secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” We are the owners of data about ourselves, and private companies cannot be allowed to seize rights and liberties which we would not allow even the government to seize. The current government, allowing the FBI to use marketing to spy on everyone, is illegal, in just this sense: we never voted to amend the Constitution, they just did it, and no one stopped them. Instead, the few, the aristoi, or oligoi, they paid them, to allow marketing spying, and the FBI then took over, joining the two interests. The shortsighted FBI thinks they should destroy all locks so they can break down any door. Great, now find staff and resources to protect a citizenry with no locks! You leave us naked, and no power then to protect us. The opposite began with getting all you sheep to piss in a little cup for the privilege of a job, oh except for the politicians, who still do not have to piss. I have said, “I will piss in a cup for no man living,” and I invite my fellow Americans to do the same, regardless of how convenient the opposite appears to those too stupid or lazy to think it out. A political (as distinct from ethical) crime in the U. S. is when one violates the rights of another, and the Fourth Amendment cannot be suspended without warrant. Ask Jefferson the first, and the Bill of Rights the second. You think your rich enough, Mr. Billionaire, to seize the rights my forefathers fought and died to secure for me? I’ll call your attention to the Fourth assertion of the second sentence of the Declaration, then. Fuckin’ punk.


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