A Serious Advance In Rainwater Tech: The Filter Pocket

It may seem like a small thing, but I have just conceived a serious advance in my rainwater technology. My collection methods are entirely patent-able inventions which, screaming bloody murder, I have offered for free to many people who are being paid to remedy the Flint water crisis. No one will answer mew, as though I were from the moon. But I  have to watch while the people of Flint try to bathe in bottled water, and the governor acts like he’s drinking Flint tap water, just to show it can be done, and now I am frankly getting a bit pissed.

The advance came while I was filtering some rainwater from my rain barrel, since my collection system overflowed at about eight gallons of stored drinkable rainwater, delivered free to my home by, well, you know who. It is simply to hook the filter holder to the bottom of the plastic, in which I have placed a rock and a hole a little off center. I had been trying to put the filter in a funnel atop the Absopure bottle, which is difficult in the wind. The filters too need to be replaced after a few gallons go through, just like when yer making coffee. Some solids collect around the rock, and the rest, like pollen and plant stuff or dust from the air, gets caught by the coffee filter. I would use a better filter if I could afford it. Again, a California company just advanced the graphite filter, and we already can buy sand-charcoal filters: we need the filters to be more permanent and washable a reusable, like, wast a little water to run it through backwards once in a while. But now the food-safe plastic 6 x 10 sheet with a hole off center and a filter pocket under it is very patent-able. The sheet-metal version is the first one I would patent, and I want entrepreneurs among the poor in Flint to begin manufacturing these, and pay me 20% inventor’s fee from the profits, after you pay your rent, and your outrageous water bills. You can also rip me off, like Facebook did regarding my invention of the Love Button, and the world will still be a better place- you just can’t stop us, ’cause we work for free! But to avoid bad Karma and bad PR, my advice is that you just do honest business. Wait till they hear that Facebook stole the love button! Then they might listen to me about facial recog. on one-year-olds without anyone’s permission, and place limits on these internet billionaires before they deliver us all to tyranny! Or is it just me? Yes, there must just be something wrong with me! I am in a persnickety mood today, maybe because the President is coming to visit Flint.

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