Lets Put Fire Extinguishers At Bad Intersections, on the Phone Poles

I keep saying that as soon as I get ten dollars, I’m going to buy a fire extinguisher and nail it to the pole out on our intersection. I would call the city and suggest it, but I have called them for about ten years now telling them to move the hill back 30 feet so that when it is icy, people are not trying to get up the hill and pull out onto the busy road at the same time. But people can burn to death, and we will just bury them, clean up the mess, and go back to making money before we will listen to a good idea- it is just so painful to think or learn something new! We should of course start with the worst intersections and expand as tax dollars allow. At our intersection, too, when people are trying to go South and make a right turn, the left turning cars block their view, and once a day everyone gets stuck and traffic freezes. I would call, but maybe I’ll spend my Obama phone minutes on something likely to be productive. That problem has caused three accidents in the past year. but no one will fix it anyway. We insist upon responsive government, especially when they are getting paid and the idea people are working for free. Must be just me! Everyone knows there is something wrong with people who see things and make suggestions that might save lives. When I get 10$, I will do it myself. I already have an extinguisher in my truck in case upon an accident with fire, and someone on the radio, a state representative, just figured out that we can teach CPR in gym class along with kickball and volleyball, so that the student who graduate are able to help their felloqw citizens.


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