President Obama, What is Wrong with Rainwater?

President Obama is on the T. V. right now, telling people to drink filtered Flint water. I am just frustrated with humanity trying to tell people about collecting rainwater for drinking, just to take some pressure off the bottled water delivery system. I would call him on the phone or e-mail him, but no one will listen. I am from Mars, ok. Is it a farm thing that city people do not understand? Water comes from the sky, and it is really stupid to run it through the poisoned ground and the lead pipes, then try to drink it. Eggs come from chickens, and yea, you have to be careful of salmonella, Tractor Supply, but we still eat eggs. What else can I say? Is it that it takes some doing to collect it cleanly? And no one wants to put out the effort? I would not drink roof water from a rain barrel, but I would use it for bathing before I’d bath in bottled water or Flint water. Why not have government deliver rain barrels and collection systems, along with bottled water? Yea, teach a man to fish…Is it that the rain is poisoned, and no one wants to tell us? But I see it as clear as day, and it seems so simple. People used to think “wolf peaches” were poison, then they found out these were…tomatoes. A man sat on the porch of city hall and ate a whole peck, and people have enjoyed tomatoes ever since. So I’m right, people are just stupid and won’t listen.

Now will anyone ask why Flint River water is 19 times more caustic than even Detroit River water, nor publicly consider that it may be road salt? So I should not be so surprised, and I should be frustrated. President Obama, you ask your scientists, and tell me what they say. I work for free, but am like the boy in the bubble, no one can hear what I say. I’m going back to mars, before they take me away and drug me at national healthcare’s expense.


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