Water from Mexico: Trounce Trump on Economics

Say, before we close up those drug tunnels between the U. S. and Mexico, lets consider bringing water up to the parched Western deserts and and the thirsty farmlands of Southern California. On the BBC, they had a show called the Y factor with Mike Williams, and they considered many interesting points regarding the relation between the U. S. and Mexico, and that show gave me this idea. The show was about a number of things, including the recent change in the attitude of the Mexicans toward the U. S. now that Donney Trumpet has taken the Republican party, or one half of the Republican party, into tyrannic ideology. Many guest workers are going home, workers brought here by U. S. companies because of the Union sponsored disparity in wages. The Mexicans earn about 1/10 or 1/9 the wages in Mexico as they earn here, while conversely the cost of labor in the U. S. is just that much higher. This leaves enough incentive for the companies to go to the trouble of getting around the union-corrupted U. S. wages, just as the companies like to do their manufacturing overseas.

This too raises the issue of the supposed strength of Donney Trumpette regarding economics. He is opposed to NAFTA, the treaty which supposedly would create that giant sucking sound of jobs going out of the U. S. The net job loss is one of those partial view or short term views that, when one ignores the rest of the big picture, makes one meanness or another appear to be a necessary measure. The net job gain of the economic boom caused by neighbors engaging in mutually beneficial trade outweighed the loss of jobs in the narrow view by about ten to one. I still do not know, though, why Obama’s policy of saving the Michigan auto industry worked, though I admit that it did. I’ll have to work on that one, as I seem to be caught in some narrower view myself.

Not only were corrupt and criminally negligent GM executives allowing the ignition switch scandal, but they twice got the trend wrong. First that they were making huge SUV’s when the gas price went high, the were outdone by the smaller foreign cars. Then, remember, they started making all these stupid little electric cars that no one wants except, again, for some non-economic, environmental ideology reason, and that too has been a dramatic failure. Sometimes one wonders if a stupid giant is not just big enough to fail. The cost is in the bazillions, which I could have saved them sitting in my shed and holding up my thumb, or rather liking my finger and holding it up to see which way is the blowing of the wind. But I still do not understand why the bailout worked, and I give Barack mystical credit for the move: I may not have done that, and then we would really hear the giant sucking sound of jobs going overseas, following the industries that employ them.

Here is another thing I do not understand about economics. Remember that old patriotic economics of “Buy American?” There was an incentive to buy American products for its own sake, rather than the good of the products, and there is something right and something wrong about that opinion. Similarly, as my boss in painting hauled his Honda power washer up onto a deck in Birmingham (I apologize for taking a job from a needy Mexican when I ought be teaching (and would be if only I were the right gender, maybe I should switch to fit the economy!)), I wondered about foreign products. If a Honda power washer makes a free American craftsman more efficient, what is the net impact on the ecomony? I’ll bet it is 10 to 1 again.

So, I think that for mystical reasons friendship is more productive than meanness, and Donney Trumpette will prove wrong by a factor of ten to one regarding the economy. His short sighted or narrow viewed xenophobic policies make friendly cooperation impossible, and the economic impact of the human factor is, well, difficult for the econo-heads to measure. Politics is more than economics, by a factor of at least ten to one, just as politics is more than mathematics. And that, Mr. Koch brothers and scamway brothers, is why you have just destroyed the Republican party for all your good intentions, just as the economic governor we elected here in Michigan, though not criminal, has caused the Flint water crisis, and will cost our State by a factor of one hundred to one. Credit, though, to Mr Koch for waking up almost in time to recover the Republican party, and cut the pseudo-republican new voters adrift. These are the tyrannic many that form like a precipitate from our national sins, ripe for a demogogue. I do not know if it is going to matter when Hillary asks Donney the tough questions the other weak republican candidates failed to ask, because these voters cannot think and will not listen. “Never Trump” is a new movement, but this means civil war, because they cannot see to leave the Republican name behind and form a third party. We invite them to join the CLC, but they are way too good-looking for that, and cannot admit that the law against marijuana is unconstitutional, but will hold to their irrational conservatism while trying to get their water from the Great Lakes instead of Mexico, till their Enbrige beloved pipeline combines with the roadsalt to destroy one third of the world’s fresh water. For political advantage hey will not speak against Sodomy, just don’t smoke weed.

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