Trump, and “What is Wrong With America ?”

The Republican party has divided, and despite the recent polls, the Trump thing will indeed fade. The way out is simply to leave Donney boy with the party and the name, and step to the side, as the real Republicans, the serious guys, are now doing. Jeb Bush and John McCain will not vote for or endorse Ole Donney boy, and that should be sufficient. But in addition, the Koch brothers are endorsing no one, and it will soon occur to them to fund the split off genuine Republicans. It is like that problem that is solved by thinking outside the box, or a tragedy, like Romeo and Juliet, that can be avoided by simply leaving town- one assumes we are stuck in the Republican Party, but of course that is not true at all. He won the party, let him have it, and lets us all step aside, as I have done with the CLC.

The more permanent question is what is wrong with America, the people, the base of Democracy, that this should occur. Are they all too doped out on Oxy already? Or perhaps it is the Ritalin they were all raised on. (We, of course, blame lawn chemicals for hormone induced gender confusion, and suspect antidepressants for the epidemic of public shootings of persons to whom the shooter is not related.) But more likely, it is the failure of the liberal arts to guide education at every level, a trickle down theory of education if you will. The modern West, in its decline, has dumbed itself down so that a dangerously high percentage of likely voters are no longer capable of electing a president. Notoriously, while the founders were not egalitarian in the sense that they thought just everyone was equally capable of being president, they believed the people were capable of electing capable persons, and certainly of consenting to their government, which is what elections are all about. And of an uncorrupted people this is true. Hence popular government was rescued from the “opprobrium” or blame of mankind by the U. S. founding.With Donney, it is very much the assumption that if one is worth anything, they are rich, that is, the oligarchic assumption. The truth is that if one is worth anything, he has a lot better to do, and more important, than money making. To virtue, wealth is accidental, and so the best are like Socrates, extremely poor, though some are like Plato, rich enough, and he even made some money trading in oil. Shakespeare is extremely rare, being a philosopher who made a fortune off his work in drama.

The danger of the liberal arts is that the principle of power take over, spawning tyranny of every sort, including the Trump tyranny. Again, Trump is a garden variety tyrant, as distinct from a diabolical tyranny. But the Nazis and the KKK are right behind him. Again, were he to win, they might first use him, then “eat him alive,” an idiom, if that needs to be said. It is difficult to write, because I forget that other people do not have the archetype of Aristotle’s three and six forms of regime, which are orderings of the soul, and do not understand tyranny, because they have never studied or considered tyranny and the tyrannic soul. But Donney boy is a tyrant. The minute he moves to enact his tyranny, he might spark a civil war, as some will remember is our right and obligation when government fails to “secure these rights,” from the fourth assertion of the Declaration. My suggestion is that we do not wait for a long train of abuses, though this will not occur, since the Republican party has divided.

Our present economy is a demonstration of how tyranny is hidden within oligarchy. The rich did not really mean they wanted the free market, but that they wanted to make the most money possible by controlling the market, not off the value of their products, but by their power to fleece. Hence we are destroying our middle class. This began with the lawyerless poor, who are simply exposed, as to property seizures they could not oppose. Bernie and Barack are on to this, though, and they will be sure to persuade even Hillary. And should Trump continue to mobilize his new voters, there are a lot more of the poor who will be mobilized. There are a lot more Democrats than Republicans, they just don’t vote. The danger of a third party in America is that it harms the next closest party, but we can just step to the side and endorse Hillary voluntarily if it looks like we are going to throw the election to the Donald. The CLC is more into endorsing than running for office, and does not even have a presidential candidate.

Again, we are the Obama Republicans, or, just “Independents.”



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