The Rainwater is Overflowing Again

Tonight I collected another five or so gallons, and had three left over from before. I’ll rotate it, as I do not know how long it stays fresh in re-used plastic jugs. I’v had plenty, though, for coffee and drinking, with some to store, again from just a 6 x 10 tarp system. I’m looking for my extra coffee filter basket, since to contour my filter inside the smooth funnel, I’m using a rock. Tonight, I forgot to set the Absopure bottle inside the trough, and so had to manually filter three gallons. Each day I listen on the radio to all the things they are having the residents of Flint do, such as “flush the pipes.” I hear them gradually catch on to how there is a problem with water everywhere “in Michigan,” from road salt. Soon enough, they will catch on to how this is not going to get better but worse, and water inventions are the next thing. They will soon accept rainwater from necessity, but they are sooo slow, and screaming bloody murder, no one will listen. I do not want to hear the Governor again deflect criticism by saying we should look for solutions, then when I write or call, have some chick give me references¬†to submit inventions to industry. If I was already rich, I’d prob’ly never have thought of these things. Maybe I can go on that Donney Trump style T.V. show, and get booed off, since everyone knows one cannot drink rainwater. Wolfpeaches.


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