Regarding jumping off of bridges

Here are a couple nice posts from Julie. I believe we may have begun to turn the corner on modern psychology/psychiatry and the prescription drug industry.

This Hunger Is Secret

I still get the local news from where I used to live. I still react in some fashion. Sometimes, a memory might pop into my head. “Oh, yeah, I remember that place.” Or maybe a building or a scene.

Today I read that a man jumped off of one of the Charles River footbridges. He was seen jumping by two witnesses. I suppose these were “bystanders,” a dog walker and someone in a boat. They contacted rescuers, who got to him and managed to get him to an ER. However, all efforts to save him failed. He died, or maybe he was dead on arrival. Do they know who he was? If so, they didn’t say.

I used to walk over one of those bridges regularly. I loved that bridge. An acquaintance of mine told me that once she had slipped there on ice and broken her wrist, so she had…

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