The Separation of Church and State, and the Separation of Medicine and State

The pursuit of happiness enshrined in the Declaration is spelled out in the first two clauses of the First Amendment, and has been understood to imply broad liberties regarding science, art and publication, so that American liberty remains better than guarded in law than that of any other nation, despite our slipping recently in practice on certain issues (where they routinely violate the Fourth and Fifth in violating the First).

This Hunger Is Secret

We readily accept that separation of church and state is an excellent idea, that church and state can be run separately, and that our government has no business meddling into our spiritual lives nor dictating for us what we should believe nor which god we should worship nor how we should worship nor if we should worship. What a splendid idea!

How about applying that to medicine? Can’t we separate medicine and state? I, for one, do not want the government to run my individual body. I do not want the government deciding how I take care of my individual body nor what principles I use to guide myself along the journey of staying alive, if any. I don’t want the government deciding for me, as an individual, the meaning of health. I am an autonomous adult and I define for myself what makes me feel happy and fulfilled. If…

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