So, hey, was Jason Dalton on Antidepressants? There is no answer yet? Mr. Thibault too understands the sudden grave government concern with the privacy of a mass murderer to be a part of a cover-up. People will do a lot for billions of dollars. But in the end, one will find the American FBI equal to corruption, and largely  above the ultimate power of money. Lets show the FDA and the drug companies who is America!

Hey FDA, you ought be ashamed, without redaction, though you cannot be. But you can be as unemployed as I am, and you won’t do half as much good with your time. The Food and Drug administration, at taxpayer expense, is simply on the take. This is not surprising, considering that the Americans might whore their own children for a few billion dollars, and the third prepared to vote for a tyrant just cannot say why one should not, prostitute their own children for money. “Success” this is called, the American Dream, the American way. My suggestion is that we the free Americans stand up and show them the American way, because if it were too late, they would not be required to have warning labels.

It is of course difficult to tell whether a troubled person was treated with antidepressants and just not given enough, or whether, as we think obvious to common sense, troubled persons are made suicidal and taken over the edge by the drugs that were supposed to help. A recent “study” cited on the radio assures us that antidepressants have no link to suicide, nor can radio personalities read either the label or the writing on the wall. Jason Dalton is said to have been on Prozac, and Purdue just pocketed 31 Billion dollars from Oxy, (not to mention the kickbacks from the heroin dealers!)

Again, the lack of scientific knowledge in the field of psychology allows these corrupt companies to use the power of their wealth with the broadest latitude in the field of psychiatric drugs. But the same has been done with Viagra and restless leg syndrome, abusing the Hippocratic oath which once guided medical ethics and bolstered trust in medical authority. The destruction of our confidence in medicine and psychiatry is an unfortunate, but warranted, result. I think, though, now the voters may just be getting a bit of that restless leg syndrome, and we can think of a nice, traditional, low tech way to exorcise the problem!

The abuse of prescription drugs, as well as the corporate control of speech and public opinion, must stop. It will stop when we the voters reform “campaign finance” to exclude bribery. We must stop electing politicians who prostitute the citizens to line their own pockets as a condition of employment. We must stop electing only used car salesmen. What, they snow us with that blow-dried look, and we call this a sign of the merit worthy of office in the United States?


P. S. Hello,!

Are you aware that your website requires visitors to “sign in” before they can like anything, and given the whistle blower topic and documented cover ups, one cannot be sure that that is safe? WordPress does the same to me, and it is in violation of the First Amendment, though my Congressman has apparently been paid not to care. I re-blogged an article of Mr Thibault from the website of Juliethemadblogger.


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    • We are learning the hard way that not everything is subject to the free market and moneymaking. The American econocrats have been selling their sons and daughters, because the free market is the best way to do the economy. Very quickly, money uses power to make money, justifying itself by profits and destroying the middle and lower classes. We insist on restoring the system where businesses make money off the value of their products, not by selling people and things they do not own but have the power to take. Hence the destruction of the Republican party and the correction in store for the workings of American politics-it just takes a while, and we might fail, and get a tyrant.

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