Marijuana, Prescription Drugs and Driving

The Michigan legislature recently addressed the question of Marijuana and driving, attempting to devise a way of testing when medicinal and other weed smokers are too high to drive. This is a serious question, as it is possible to be too high to drive, though it is also a roundabout attempt by the Republicans, or what is left of them, to criminalize weed. The result of the medicinal law has been that, as occurred regarding tobacco, growers are given a volume limit, which they then enhance chemically by corrupting the plant. They use chemicals to make their limited amount produce more of the drug, so that 12 plants now, using chemical methods, can produce many pounds of very potent weed. Next time the legislature will think to require that the weed be organic, but then all those chemical companies contributing to campaigns just won’t be satisfied.

Marijuana and driving is a question different, of course, from alcohol and driving. Alcohol effects the motor functions, so that one becomes sloppy, and cannot keep one’s lane. With weed, one is likely to be twice as “paranoid,” and hence cautious, as any motor functions are effected. One is likely to keep one’s lane just fine, but lose track of where they were going! Reaction time slightly lower, but caution increased, so that, as Jack Herrer reported, driving stats for weed smokers are the same or even slightly better than non weed smokers (though that test was done before the age of medicinal weed). Habit is dissolved a bit, if attention is increased, and much of driving depends upon habit. But it is possible to become confused and make errors, especially in combination with alcohol or other drugs. Yet it is difficult or impossible to set a medical test, as unlike alcohol, the stuff stays in the system when one is no longer under the effects. It is just different, a different kind of thing.

It is however astonishing that it has not occurred to the Republicans to prohibit Prescription drugs and driving. If the Americans could not drive with prescription drugs in their systems, the nation would screech to a halt. Congressmen could not get to work in Lansing. And Oxy, being an opioid, is more likely to effect motor function and be responsible for traffic accidents. They made 321 Billion dollars off one version of Oxy and no one was driving on it? And what about antidepressants, with “Abilify”? What about Ritalin and Aderall, are these not a bit distracting? 50, 000 traffic deaths a year and what, no one has thought to keep these statistics? No one funded the study?

Our nation has entered a grave corruption, in part as the result of the attempt to prohibit Marijuana contrary to the Constitution. The paradoxical result of the prohibition of a non-toxic, nonaddictive herb for philosophical reasons, reasons of opinion or conservative opinion, has been the handing of our nation over to the drug dealers now powerful enough to legitimize the trade in the prescription drug industry. With drug money in Congress, and a system that just cannot say no to “Campaign finance,” these perversions are sure to continue, until the Americans “Just say No.”

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