Antidepressants are Causally Related to the Public Shootings Epidemic

Once again, prescription anti-depressants are going to be found causally related to the epidemic of public shootings in the United States. The radio news will dot report the question, and the Lieutenant Governor will not raise the issue, because of the power of the prescription drug industry and their influence on politicians through “Campaign Contributions.” We have always had guns, though not quite so promiscuously. What is different is the prescription drug industry. Other nations have psychiatry and psychiatric medicine. What is different is our corruption and the power of money to obscure the common good in the United States. What is different, coinciding with the epidemic, is that most people in the United States are now on prescription drugs. And again, our enemies could not have devised a better way to weaken us or bring us down if they were literally behind this, as they seem to be behind the Oxy-heroin scandal. Hey Purdue, would you commit treason for 31 billion dollars? Someone else will only do it anyway if you do not, so hey, you might as well be the one making the money. These people already have more money than a person can spend in a lifetime, and may never notice the profits earned at the expense of their nation. But that is the result of the empty or easily perverted American view of “success.” You cannot serve both God and mammon, and it seems we have taken our choice.

Soon they will come to try to drug me, for saying such things. What an imagination! I am learning, though, as with the oil spill, that when I am beating my head against a wall because the world won’t see what seem to me alone to be the simplest things, there is usually a reason I could not imagine. They did not want to clean up the oil spill, but had already decided to use dispersants. That’s ok, the Gulf of Mexico is salt water anyway.

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