No Oversight of Executive Agencies

For a few years now, I have been trying to get Congress to consider a particular question requiring the oversight of an executive agency, and congress simply says it is not their job. The job description of the Senate Intelligence Committee, on their website, assures us that they are there, on duty to protect the rights and the liberty of the American people. Yet when any question arises, we are sent to the agencies themselves that are in need of oversight, and are promptly dismissed. The FBI and the CIA, or the DHS as these are now called, simply do not even take complaints regarding the violation of privacy. liberty, free speech and such. State police will not examine any crime if they think it was done by a federal agency. A seven page letter to the Intelligence Committee detailing plenty of reason to raise a question has been simply ignored. Meanwhile, these are sensitive issues, and these need to be addressed somewhere other than the press, that fourth branch of government that does sometimes kick in when the other three are failing.

The mission of the Senate Intelligence Committee is:

About the Committee | Intelligence Committee


Mission:  The Committee was created by the Senate in 1976 to “oversee and make continuing studies of the intelligence activities and programs of the United States Government,” to “submit to the Senate appropriate proposals for legislation and report to the Senate concerning such intelligence activities and programs,” and to “provide vigilant legislative oversight over the intelligence activities of the United States to assure that such activities are in conformity with the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

Now, if, just for example, my former fiance was a person who was set on me in order to spy on me due to proximity to CIA and FBI persons in the course of my education- a PhD in politics- there is no one else that is going to do anything about this. Confidential Informants, not to mention hired agents, are routinely set on suspicious individuals, and it is fine with everyone if these agents commit what amounts to rape, allowing a targeted person even to fall in love with an agent for the purposes of spying on that person. And you know, one can never be too sure. One might, for example, have angered a certain powerful but rogue agent who has risen to a position of control in the agencies, and the chain of command will simply not allow any questions to be raised within these agencies themselves. Since the agencies are deeply and covertly involved in education, including spying on students in their proximity, a rouge agent is free to blacklist, set women upon, and destroy the career of any student they do not like. Agents in the positions of professors might simply ignore, and never speak to a certain student, making job applications and writing grant proposals useless. No questions will ever be raised, and the agencies have far reaching powers through the internet. They can commit murder, and no one will raise a question, let alone hold anyone accountable. They can make death threats if anyone presses a question, and carry these out if only someone in their agencies wants to do these things. They can slander with the epithet of madness anyone who raises questions, just like in the old Soviet Union, where political dissidents were considered “insane” for not believing the basic tenants of Marxism and Leninism. Any of this is just fine, and it does matter how many reasons or how much reason one brings forward to inquire into a particular matter- no one will do it. The President himself might do it, but as we tell our congressmen, the president is kind of busy.

I want the committees of Congress to ask these agencies to tell the truth regarding every single thing that has ever been done to me in the course of my education. At the University of Dallas, a woman who happened to work in the graduate records office also happened to pretend to like me, and want to hang around and study. Having access to my records, she told me- apparently after becoming satisfied with the orders of my private life- that there was something in my files I might want to know about. Thinking then that we were not supposed to have access to these files, I declined. I later learned that we do have access to academic files about ourselves, and so I asked her what it was. She said that she had then been lying.

When I asked my university to see these files, I was told that they had accidentally been destroyed when they were sent to be put on microfilm and the originals were thrown away. How convenient. The files contain my Comprehensive exams, eighty pages of writing done in a single weekend to fulfill the requirements of the PhD program and be permitted to write ones dissertation. This happens to include one unique piece, the best writing I ever did in my life, on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

My representative, Tim Walberg, and prior to him, Thaddeus McCotter, also made inquiry of the University of Dallas, and a Freedom of Information Act request was submitted and ignored. As soon as it became clear that federal agencies were indeed involved, no further inquiry was made. It is just as if someone at some point tells them “This is a matter under under continuing investigation,” or threatens them as they do the library, if they want to know what books a guy is reading, and the librarian is forbidden from telling the person that such an inquiry was made. The question could be resolved by questioning or subpoenaing two persons, though more might be helpful. But now I want the agencies to tell my representatives absolutely everything that was ever done to me through the course of my education, beginning way back at Grand Valley where, as a student of psychology and philosophy, I was already being spied upon, you know, along with that radical left. This was way back at the tail end of the seventies. There never was any warrant or reason, as I am neither a spy nor a mobster, although I have seen a few such about the neighborhood of late. Or is it just me? I sometimes think Kaspersky is a company handling security for 400 million persons, centered in Moscow and staffed by former KGB agents. Imagine, letting such a guy slip off his meds!

The consequences of the lack of oversight are decisive. I am about to lose the place where I live, and plan to leave the country because it is very difficult to live in permanent debt if one is in fact blacklisted, and if one says a word, oh, it is his fault, everyone knows it never happens, so he must be imagining it, and if he’s not imagining it, we better really stay away! Either way, true or false, we’d better drug him! What rubbish! No inquiry, with plenty of reason, because we want to pretend we know such things never happen! My former fiance just happened by coincidence to come here to Michigan from 1 1/2 miles away from my former university, and I met her up here! Go figure-no, rather don’t, just do Oxy and the pain will go away! Its all my fault, I probably deserved it all. Not a single person will even help or inquire. No one has the courage to ask a few simple questions. These do not have the courage to uphold American Liberty. I’ll go live in Canada, where there is less pretense and more genuine liberty, and leave you all here for such slavish treatment. Bunch of Sissies!

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