CLC: the Two Page Description


The CLC is a new political party right in the center, between the parties of the left and right. We try to take up the good points of both parties while upholding moderate positions on the more mundane matters such as taxation and immigration, finding that in politics, as in ethics according to Aristotle, the truth is often a mean between the two poles, such as the positions and interests of the rich and the poor. The common good embraces both, and is a mean between the two, the good of our nation.

What we insist upon without moderation is American Liberty and the Constitution, which includes a Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is the first ten Amendments to the constitution, is fundamental law, and has not been amended by super-majorities required to do so. Hence, we opposed property seizures, which were occurring routinely contrary to the Fifth Amendment. And we insist upon the restoration of privacy in accord with the Fourth Amendment. We say that the purpose of government is to secure rights, as stated in the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence, and so look for regulations to prevent businesses and corporations from trading in the rights our forefathers fought to secure.  So, for example, we insist upon “internet integrity,” rather than, as at present, allowing the large internet companies to buy off our Congress and market us to the point of prostitution when we use the internet, which has become essential to speech and communication. These also abuse our liberty, for example with pop-up adds and compulsory shopping. We oppose the “rigged game” economy, in which companies and persons seek to profit not by the value of what they produce, but by using the power their money gives them to make the rules, destroying the middle class.

We have a tentative solution to reform campaign finance in harmony with the First Amendment: We will take only goods used in our offices and campaigns, from those who wish to support our cause, rather than take money. We will produce no laminated junk mail or T.V. attack adds with these indispensable funds. The voters must decide to reform campaign finance, before the corruption destroys our nation, distinguishing for themselves between free speech and bribery. As John Adams wrote, this constitution is made for a people of virtue, and will not work for any other.

We oppose the abuses of the prescription drug industry by doctors, insurance companies and drug companies, who have bribed Congress to permit the drugging and corruption of America. We seek to make a national health care system work not by raising taxes, but by destroying fraud. Food stamp fraud is now fifty percent. What we need is not more money, increasing the national debt, but integrity, and perhaps the promotion of more simple home remedies. We especially note the abuse of the mental health system, where our ignorance of the causes leaves an unusually wide opening for the neuro-chemical theorist to drug almost anyone and everyone at taxpayer expense, with concoctions that often do more harm than good. We hypothesize that antidepressants are the cause of the epidemic of public shootings, and are offended at the suppression of the question. Similarly, we oppose the Ritalin theory of education.

We uphold the liberal arts in education, not only the goals of creating jobs and improving technology. Please fill out the following questionnaire: The purpose of education is ___________. We think that an educated citizenry is necessary to a self-governing people, and that education according fashionable common opinions is insufficient. We also think the liberal arts done properly is the one thing government can do to improve education and promote happiness. We think the current politicians have never considered what education is, and by shifting money about are doing what is like re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

We will reform the tax filing system, so that less of our GNP is spent complying with requirements and filling out forms. An industry has developed around the complexity of tax forms, but we would an average citizen able to fill out their own forms. We will end the use of taxation to promote this and that good cause by deductions, rather than simply not apply the tax to begin. The Earned Income Credit is a fine example. We preach tax honesty, but insist too that government make honesty possible rather than foolish.

Our immigration policy is this: Be kind to Mexico. A nation must have borders and citizenship, but it is possible to be good neighbors. We need a reasonable guest worker program that benefits all concerned. The drug problem is the fault of the United States, afflicted on the central and South American nations, and we will help to fix it. One half of the strength of organized crime is presently due to the single prohibition of Marijuana. The federal law against marijuana, where no commerce is involved, is obviously unconstitutional: The States never gave the federal government the power to prohibit Marijuana, and just as with alcohol, the federal government needs a constitutional amendment to do so. State prohibitions aside from the regulation of commerce are also unconstitutional, though for different reasons. By simply obeying our constitution and the spirit of liberty, we can cut the war on drugs in half overnight, making this much more manageable, and this may be the difference between winning and losing.

Congress must regulate commerce, but looking to the common good rather than to special interests. Hence, we protect the common wealth regardless of the profits to be made by this or that company at the common expense, as regarding the environment. Again for an example, the current “medicinal” marijuana law, by setting a limit to the number of plants grown, has encouraged the use of untested chemicals and corrupted the plant into a drug that is too strong, and is in fact becoming a different sub-species from the organic weed. We would limit the amount of thc produced, say to 12 or 16 female organic plants.

We insist upon police and prison reform Our constitution does not give police or jailers the power to determine punishments, and where this is done, it is a constitutional crime. In America, punishments are determined by the judicial and legislative branches. Our police no longer know the difference between policing in a free nation and in a tyranny, and we hold that if they do not understand this, they cannot hold police power over us. Similarly, we think the problem of police shootings is a liberty and not so much an equality problem. Our judges are taking kickbacks even from organized crime to promote various scams, similar to the property seizure scams, only with people as their material. There is an incentive to get everyone in the system and paying for things like “rehabilitation'” which can be done less expensively and with more success by acting with integrity. Presently, a victim of the Oxy-heroin scam cannot get into a de-tox center to save their lives, but the de-tox centers have little trouble distributing the profits to their destinations and keeping the persons subject to all sorts of expensive “therapies.” 20% of America’s youth is in mortal danger as a consequence.

We insist upon the control of the un-elected federal agencies by the elected offices that are answerable to the people. Presently, there is no significant oversight of the FBI or CIA, leading to various disasters such as the torture to which the Americans would not consent, or the abuse of FBI powers and the danger of the use of these powers buy foreign governments and organized crime. We insist on oversight, accountability and meaningful recourse when these extraordinary powers are abused- as my own representatives well know.

We follow John McCain and Barack Obama on the issue of torture, not because the enemy combatants have the civil rights of American citizens, but because as Americans we believe that all men are equally endowed with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our policy is: when we capture you, “war is over.” Half these enemy persons do not wish to be where they are anyway, and such a policy would allow them to surrender. We think this will produce more benefit than waterboarding even a serious terrorist “183 times,” and if that is true, the reasoning of the torturers, who did so thinking they would prevent single attacks, compels them similarly to follow our policy. We repent a national sin, and believe that grave consequences are in store for our nation if we commit and do not repent these national errors. Thomas Jefferson and George both foresaw the Civil War as a consequence of slavery, and Lincoln agreed that every drop drawn by the lash would be answered by sword. We call for this sort of foresight in government, rather than, as Democracies are inclined, understanding the issue after weighing the blood of 500,000 of our citizens, fathers, sons brothers and friends. And Islam itself is not our enemy, as a certain faction would now have us believe.

Our nation is presently in circumstances more grave than it can imagine, but we can meet these circumstance if only we stand upright! Just say no to organized crime, before our enemies use this to weaken us so terribly they may have a chance. End the abuse of the offices of the public trust, restoring the integrity of police, judges and politicians.

I am trying to run myself for the U. S. House of Representatives in the 7th Michigan district, at least until I find someone better to run. Our present representative is wholly partisan, will not oversee the executive agencies, has not yet supported the speech of John McCain on torture, and cannot improve education. His most significant work may be to push back, with Rand Paul, against federal property seizures and examine the IRS when it harassed Republicans. He lacks the thought and imagination to be a U. S. Representative, and will not listen to or represent his constituents. He does not understand the corruption of the internet and the rigged economy, but seems to govern by responds to the polls and calculating his contributor’s interests. He is intimidated by the agencies he is supposed to oversee, and may soon endorse a tyrant for president, proving that his studies have not cultivated an understanding of the difference between liberty and tyranny. Perhaps free men should escape to Canada quickly, before they wise up and build a wall!

My credentials- a PhD in politics and ten years experience teaching American Government for adjunct wages- are superior to his and to those of his Democratic opponent. My poverty, due to the devotion to the most important things in near utter disregard for my personal fortunes, is actually a strength. “One cannot serve both God and Mammon,”and we wonder at the American propensity to elect and flatter those who love and seek power and wealth. Both my opponents excel me in experience, connections, and also in appearance and popularity, and probably spelling as well, as I do not care whether it is potatoes or tomatoes that end in oe, so long as there is plenty of both for my citizens, who remain free of extortion and the fleecing of the strong. But I will run until I find a centrist candidate who is superior, and make do with the difficulties, as our nation is now in peril due to the failure of both parties to stand upright.

The Centrist Libertarians are the true anti-establishment candidates. I will piss in a cup for no man living, and when I work, sell only my labor and diligence in serving the interests toward which I am employed. I too have sworn the Jeffersonian oath of eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man, and as a teacher, the oath to uphold the constitution.

The Rainwater is Overflowing Again

Tonight I collected another five or so gallons, and had three left over from before. I’ll rotate it, as I do not know how long it stays fresh in re-used plastic jugs. I’v had plenty, though, for coffee and drinking, with some to store, again from just a 6 x 10 tarp system. I’m looking for my extra coffee filter basket, since to contour my filter inside the smooth funnel, I’m using a rock. Tonight, I forgot to set the Absopure bottle inside the trough, and so had to manually filter three gallons. Each day I listen on the radio to all the things they are having the residents of Flint do, such as “flush the pipes.” I hear them gradually catch on to how there is a problem with water everywhere “in Michigan,” from road salt. Soon enough, they will catch on to how this is not going to get better but worse, and water inventions are the next thing. They will soon accept rainwater from necessity, but they are sooo slow, and screaming bloody murder, no one will listen. I do not want to hear the Governor again deflect criticism by saying we should look for solutions, then when I write or call, have some chick give me references to submit inventions to industry. If I was already rich, I’d prob’ly never have thought of these things. Maybe I can go on that Donney Trump style T.V. show, and get booed off, since everyone knows one cannot drink rainwater. Wolfpeaches.

The Computer is Still Quite Slow, Especially Inter-WordPress

Having removed three strange WordPress downloads from the computer, called 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 zip files, the computer remains very slow, especially going from one part of the WordPress website to another, as in publishing a blog or checking statistics. A new message has appeared, “Saving of Draft failed,” each time I write. Again, these downloads are strange because I did not download them, and they seem to have entered through my e-mail. Google was busted in Europe for distributing high speed internet on a selective basis, if I am not mistaken, but again, criticism of either Facebook or Google in the United States has been almost non-existent. I have suggested to my representative that he look into what WordPress is doing in our relations to the broader web, but the entire office does not even seem to understand that there is an internet at all. They simply use and flatter Facebook, while taking their money as “campaign contributions,” while ignoring complaints about the First Amendment, such as: “All who will not give information to Facebook are excluded from commenting on your website.” NPR, too, has ignored this complaint, receiving it again like a saying from Mars, like they do not have the categories needed to hear it. The internet companies are simply free to do whatever they want to the lawyerless poor. The FBI is more concerned with spying on us than with securing rights. Which is the purpose of government? Once again, this is not media, any more than this is representation, nor is this honest business.

Bad Day Collecting Rain

In the last cloud, I only collected 1 and 1/2 gallons. I got a bunch of seed things in the collector system from a tree on the east side, then I had to manually filter the water before it made tree seed tea. I just poured a gallon of hose water around the perimeter, then herded the seed things down the hole, with the trough and bottle away. That last cloud seemed to have some sand in it, or that could be coming from the table cloth and hammock I was using to cover the system between rains, since I’m too lazy to roll it up and re-staple-gun it.

Then after I washed the seed things off, I decided to rim back the tree, so I get to do the rinsing again. Another cloud is coming! Condolences to East Tennessee for tornadoes. We only get small storms here, and small tornadoes, along belts north and South a ways, by Adrian and Flint.

Imprimis Critique: The Other Ferguson Effect

Heather MacDonald has written a decent if partisan piece for this month’s Imprimis, with 3.4 million recipients of the monthly essay. Her thesis is a defense of the police and the FBI against the Obama administration and the Attorney General, as well as a criticism of the limitations of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. She identified an increase in violent crime in May of 2015, and christened this the “Ferguson Effect:” “When officers back off in high crime neighborhoods, crime shoots through the roof.” Police are afraid to use force in fighting genuine crime because they fear the lawsuits and loss of their jobs, not to mention the prosecution that might follow if their efforts are misperceived. There is indeed a new oversight and accountability of the police, soon to reach all the way up to the FBI, and it is this I will call the “Other Ferguson effect.”

Prior to Baltimore, really, when anti-police protests became violent over the apparent murder of Freddie Gray, police were simply not being held accountable for shooting people unjustly, and for many other crimes. After Baltimore, we suddenly noticed: Hey, when police shoot a guy in Canada, there is an independent prosecutor, but here, the police and the prosecutors are buddies, so that the police are simply not accountable to the rule of law. And the FBI keeps itself, by force, insulated from all questions and criticism. I have spoke in a previous blog of how the “Bill of Rights Matters,” and attribute these unjust police killings to a breakdown of the principles of liberty. If you want to see police shoot a white guy, just google “police shootings.” Four times, I watched them murder a homeless white guy from a distance for being too mad to understand or just too slow to respond to an order drop a knife. One, of a vet whittling in a wheelchair, looked like a hit, the guy being shot less than a second after the cop said “Drop the knife, pop pop.” The police are a nervous wreck in part because Americans are promiscuously armed and now carrying concealed weapons. In Eaton County, right here in our 7th House district in Michigan, I watched in horror as a cop entrapped and then shot to death a basically innocent if impolite 17 year old boy who went to pick his brother up from a church basketball game. Until Baltimore, and really until the Black Lives Matter movement, nothing was done, and no charges were brought in the Eaton County case or any of the shootings of homeless men from a distance. The various mobs could simply use corrupted police to shoot just about anyone, and the police could claim they thought the guy was armed. The crime spike that is the result of the oxy-heroin scam was free to enlist the officers of the law, such as those seen near Jackson, Michigan, obviously robbing a petty but legal pot dealer. The police could simply carry out surveillance and a contract if the guy mouthed off too much about their strange judicial decisions and property seizures, which they were beginning to conduct from a state provided list of medicinal growers. The oxy-heroin scam folks could use the corrupted cops to shut people up if they noticed, too, how the judges were being paid to send people to rehab farms, while rehabilitation centers are so mobbed up that are sure to be too expensive and just not quite work, while generating tremendous revenue for the same mobs, who have figured out how to work both, or all three, ends of a scam. And Congress cannot seem to enact any measures that do not immediately result in legitimate pain sufferers screaming in the press for their oxy. The retaliation for the drug kingpin property seizures law seems to have been a scam that pays the police and municipalities for petty property seizures against the lawyerless poor, and takes a cut, so that the police, the cities and the mob split up the car of some poor guy at a legal chop shop. Until Baltimore, there was no hope of any oversight or accountability at all. The Ferguson effect is because the Blacks are the only ones protesting the immediate effect of the suspension of the Bill of Rights in popular opinion. The failure of oversight, in the spirit of Federalist 51, has left America reeling headlong toward tyranny.

Mac Donald there is right about the excess of the movement, but of course must state this in partisan universalizations. For example, it is simply not true that the BLM movement “holds that racist police are the greatest threat facing young black men today.” I seriously doubt anyone ever said that, but if they did, it might justify her partisan approach. Nor are the criticisms of police by President Obama properly characterized as “race based calumnies,” as though there were no problem at all in America regarding the police. But that is how partisan, animus-influenced arguments proceed. They make the opponent say something they did not quite say, but if they did say it might justify an emotion-laden and partial position and argument. Her best point may be this:

On March 11, 2015, as protesters were once again converging on the Ferguson police headquarters demanding the resignation of the entire department, a six year old boy named Marcus Johnson was killed a few miles away in a St. Louis park, the victim of a drive by shooting. No one protested his killing. Al Sharpton did not demand a federal investigation. Few people outside his immediate community know his name.

In argument, we state things in universalizations or categories that do not quite fit, and then try to get the listener to reason from the overstatements as though these were logical principles for deduction. So Freddie Gray is a “drug dealer,” (yeah, probably like the guy whose dead for selling single cigarettes) instead of a citizen with rights, including the right not to have his neck broken by cops who have no constitutional power to punish nor to carelessly imprison anyone, even an assaulter or murderer, or even a murdering cop.

We are very uncomfortable as a nation publicly addressing the huge disparity between black criminality and that of other races in America, in part because it is not politically correct and in part because we do not wish to inflame white racism. But we all know that young black men are the greatest threat facing young black men today, and that black neighborhoods are more subject to crime, and therefore more subject to policing. But this is not the sort of thing that can be addressed by public protests, at least in the same way. It is not a flaw of government to be corrected by the petitioning of a free people for oversight, accountability and meaningful recourse when the powers of government are abused. We have to deal with these things ourselves somehow, and in private, or in each family. Publicly, by peaceable assembly, we might do better to go back in time and protest the enslavement of this race for generations, the breaking up of slave families and traditions, the forbidding of the teaching of slaves to read, the cruelty of the whites in both the South and North, the depositing of the blacks, because they are poor and because of segregation in housing, with the immigrants into the rotting core of each American inner city. While we are there, back in time, we might also protest the numerically fewer but gravely more significant effect of organized crime, allowed to run rampant for example in New York, while cops and judges roughed up petty criminals, like the fellow killed by police because he was selling cigarettes on the street, and just had to be taken down. The petty crimes are statistically more significant, unless one holds the idea criminals, the scam originators, accountable for things such as the crack epidemic in the last crime spike or the heroin epidemic that, aside from any “Ferguson effect,” is the cause of the present crime spike. These scams would not be possible without corruption at very high levels within the executive agencies, while essays like Mac Donald’s deflect criticism with patriotic flag waving for a readership of 3.4 million, and blacklisting or the failure of internet integrity stifle any opinion not sanctioned by the FBI, WordPress and the Koch brothers.

P.S.: A suggestion for Mr. Jeffries, editor: If you hit “justify,” an option along with align right, left or center, the Imprimis will be printed squarely, saving space, and I like the appearance, as it makes stuff look published. Just a hint, from a fellow student from a long time ago, who cannot spell!

The Rainwater Collector Invention

Now I’v got it, Pastor Jackson and Representative Neeley of Flint: Interlocking 4×4 plastic collectors fused into the ground with adjustable stakes, each a little higher than the last, with a filter on that lowest one in the center suspended over you funnel and 5 gallon Absopure bottle or your nice clean Home Depot or Ace Hardware five gallon bucket. 6×10,* or sixty square feet is giving me plenty of pristine rainwater to drink here in may, but I want like 6 5 gallon Absopure bottles to store some away for July.

Type 1 plastic, the sort they use for Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice, is my favorite plastic so far. 3-D printers could produce these 4×4 plastic sheets that interlock so as to flow into the one below, making the collector expandable, for one person, a family, a neighborhood or a village. The corner ones flow at the diagonal, the central four at the sides, and the thing could be shaped to fit the yard, with the stakes making the height of each panel adjustable.These could be printed and on the ground in Africa tomorrow. And Hey, when it is not raining, take out the bucket, stake the tapered system close to the ground, and collect evaporating water as the survivalists do. I cannot believe the amount of evaporated water captured under a tarp in the sun, but the plastic too must be safe in the sun. Glass is best, but just too dangerous to work with. I still want to make garden sculpture rain collectors out of stone, all cleanable, with a place to set your bottle underneath!

These are all elaborations of my plastic tarp with a rock in it, ends rolled up in dowels and suspended over a frame, hole just off center over a filter funnel and bottle. Then came sew the filter to the bottom of the tarp, and my nephew says put a hose to connect the filter to the inside of the bottle: then one could ditch the funnel, having just the contoured filter packet on the bottom of the tarp. Yeah!

My Rainwater is pristine, especially compared to our well water. Today I made rainwater ice cubes, and brought in a quart of rain in a juice bottle for the old mum, who drinks the store-bought stuff.

And it the dry season, the 3-D printers could be set to make those triangular insulated people pod bed that are interlocking and expandable, the bed that keeps in the body heat for the homeless, refugees, and people who want to turn down the heat!

*so, 4×4 is only 16 square feet, but 6×10 is 60. Take 3×5=15 sq. ft., add on to one side, subtract one from the other side, one gets not 15 any more but 16? Go figger! But Five 4×4 panels would be 80, and with the diagonals, 8 4×4 sheets go around the one in the center, making 120 (or, 128) square feet of collection surface, with lots of stakes (16)! Oh, I forgot the one in the middle, 144. That is good for 10 gallons in a good rainstorm!

**The problem in Plato’s Meno is the diagonal of a square, an irrational number. So Aristotle teaches that the human things do not admit of the precision of mathematics, but Socrates knows he does not know, and knows where to look, in the question both of geometry and what is virtue.

So, Pastor Jackson and Representative Neeley, we should find entrepreneurs and investors, and make lemonade out of the Flint Water Crisis !

Bob Dole and Dick Cheney Endorse Trump? Not Surprising

CNN is reporting that Bob Dole and Dick Cheney are endorsing Trump. This is not surprising. Bob Dole endorsed Viagra, and probably loves the prescription drug industry. Are pedophiles not almost always found with Viagra? That’s all the old American pot- lickers need! And was not his dear wife embarrassed publicly? And Dick Cheney, he endorses TORTURE, and so does Trump. These “Republicans” are demonstrating that they do not know the difference between tyranny and liberty, and never cared. Their political lives will be ruined, and their careers brought to an end. Go ahead, Timmy Walberger, prove that you too are that much of a bone head! Make my day!

Here: This Guy is Testing Roof Rainwater 2 Miles From Sydney, Australia, and It Is Fine.

This is the same way they do it in Bermuda, though I like my method better:

Rainwater to Drinking Water – ABC…/…

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Mike wanted to collect all of the water the family needed off their roof. They had never been big water users – despite running the washing machine every day, …

You can drink that stuff…!!?

The house is less than 2 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD, sandwiched between two congested inner-city roads(Broadway and Cleveland St) choked frequently with buses and cars. So with two young kids, Mike and Heather were initially concerned about the quality of the water they’d collect off their roof. They were pleasantly surprised. Today, their drinking water is cleaner than that most households (Sydney’s Giardia and Cryptosporidium scares made them even more smug!). Test carried out by the University of Technology Sydney, demonstrate consistently low turbidity and faecal coliform counts and, importantly, the highest level of lead ever measured recorded in the tank water was 0.03 mg/litre – below the safety threshold of 0.05 mg/litre recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council in 1991.

The Bottom Line …

The tank system has had its problems. The family has run out of rainwater four times, which meant popping across to the neighbours to “borrow” 1500 litres of water occasionally. Installing a bigger tank would have alleviated this problem, but not solved it – there simply isn’t enough rainfall on their tiny roof to sustain the family’s needs. It would be enough for two.

These shortfalls aside, the system has served them well and means that an extra 100 000 litres of fresh water stays in the local dam each year.


+ MM adds: Yeh, so, don’t be a moron about it, but it is likely way safer than your stupid tap water. So, now I get to say:

Na Na, told Ja so!

Like, Duh!



Overflowing Rainwater for Drinking

I have more drinkable rainwater than I can store, and am thoroughly sick of the nay- sayers who just assume that one cannot drink rainwater, though I learn more from them than they learn from me. One must indeed be careful, but even bottled water has plastic leaching into it, and of course our city water and well water is now not safe. People assume this stuff is “purified,” but how do we even know that the bottles were not left in the sun in transport? And where does water come from? Oh first we’ll run it through the poisoned ground, then down the drain and into the river, then through the leaded pipes, oh but well coat these with shit, then we’ll filter it, then we’ll drink it! And call anyone crazy who does not drink this instead of filtering the rainwater!

Indeed, the ground once did filter the water, and there was not air pollution for the rain to catch on the way down. But I’m betting on the water this side of those pipes.

Indeed we want to test the rain, and indeed I cannot afford to do it. But precipitation is a purifying process, like distilling though not as good. Again, when one boils water, where do the bubbles come from? If you do not know this, shut up and listen! (And I have never asked yet and been answered correctly.) People assume that no one they know can think of anything new, or that if one were worth listening to they would already be rich. They even become quite mean, and I will forgive, but not forget that this has occurred.

How do you think people who do it on their own become rich? I know a guy, his grandmother turned down an early offer to buy stock (or was it an offer of marriage?)from Henry Ford. If it were obvious, as it is to me, they would indeed be doping it already, and again I am very impatient watching the people of Flint eat lead.

So, again, take a piece of plastic 6 x 10, roll the edges in dowels, attack these as with a staple gun, go to the corner of your fenced back yard, add three 2 x 4’s to make a frame (one for a leg, the other two to complete the rectangle made with the corner of the cyclone fence. Place a rock in the suspended plastic, and a hole a few inches off center. Suspend a filter in a funnel in an Absopure bottle with a trough under it, as I do, secured by bricks, or even just stretch a cloth over a five gallon bucket for a collector and filter. You will have gallons of drinking water every time it rains, except downwind from an operation polluting factory. Get a rain barrel for bathing and washing, hook it to your gutter, and if you like, wash you roof with the hose before a rain, or even spread clean plastic. We are working on products made of the most food-safe plastic, printable with a 3-D printer if it can handle 6 x 10, and a model that folds like a card table made of sheet metal. We will have them at the hardware store as soon as we find investors.

I have gallons right now stored in fruit, water and even washed out milk jugs, more water than I can use, delivered to my home for just the effort of collecting.

Trump, and “What is Wrong With America ?”

The Republican party has divided, and despite the recent polls, the Trump thing will indeed fade. The way out is simply to leave Donney boy with the party and the name, and step to the side, as the real Republicans, the serious guys, are now doing. Jeb Bush and John McCain will not vote for or endorse Ole Donney boy, and that should be sufficient. But in addition, the Koch brothers are endorsing no one, and it will soon occur to them to fund the split off genuine Republicans. It is like that problem that is solved by thinking outside the box, or a tragedy, like Romeo and Juliet, that can be avoided by simply leaving town- one assumes we are stuck in the Republican Party, but of course that is not true at all. He won the party, let him have it, and lets us all step aside, as I have done with the CLC.

The more permanent question is what is wrong with America, the people, the base of Democracy, that this should occur. Are they all too doped out on Oxy already? Or perhaps it is the Ritalin they were all raised on. (We, of course, blame lawn chemicals for hormone induced gender confusion, and suspect antidepressants for the epidemic of public shootings of persons to whom the shooter is not related.) But more likely, it is the failure of the liberal arts to guide education at every level, a trickle down theory of education if you will. The modern West, in its decline, has dumbed itself down so that a dangerously high percentage of likely voters are no longer capable of electing a president. Notoriously, while the founders were not egalitarian in the sense that they thought just everyone was equally capable of being president, they believed the people were capable of electing capable persons, and certainly of consenting to their government, which is what elections are all about. And of an uncorrupted people this is true. Hence popular government was rescued from the “opprobrium” or blame of mankind by the U. S. founding.With Donney, it is very much the assumption that if one is worth anything, they are rich, that is, the oligarchic assumption. The truth is that if one is worth anything, he has a lot better to do, and more important, than money making. To virtue, wealth is accidental, and so the best are like Socrates, extremely poor, though some are like Plato, rich enough, and he even made some money trading in oil. Shakespeare is extremely rare, being a philosopher who made a fortune off his work in drama.

The danger of the liberal arts is that the principle of power take over, spawning tyranny of every sort, including the Trump tyranny. Again, Trump is a garden variety tyrant, as distinct from a diabolical tyranny. But the Nazis and the KKK are right behind him. Again, were he to win, they might first use him, then “eat him alive,” an idiom, if that needs to be said. It is difficult to write, because I forget that other people do not have the archetype of Aristotle’s three and six forms of regime, which are orderings of the soul, and do not understand tyranny, because they have never studied or considered tyranny and the tyrannic soul. But Donney boy is a tyrant. The minute he moves to enact his tyranny, he might spark a civil war, as some will remember is our right and obligation when government fails to “secure these rights,” from the fourth assertion of the Declaration. My suggestion is that we do not wait for a long train of abuses, though this will not occur, since the Republican party has divided.

Our present economy is a demonstration of how tyranny is hidden within oligarchy. The rich did not really mean they wanted the free market, but that they wanted to make the most money possible by controlling the market, not off the value of their products, but by their power to fleece. Hence we are destroying our middle class. This began with the lawyerless poor, who are simply exposed, as to property seizures they could not oppose. Bernie and Barack are on to this, though, and they will be sure to persuade even Hillary. And should Trump continue to mobilize his new voters, there are a lot more of the poor who will be mobilized. There are a lot more Democrats than Republicans, they just don’t vote. The danger of a third party in America is that it harms the next closest party, but we can just step to the side and endorse Hillary voluntarily if it looks like we are going to throw the election to the Donald. The CLC is more into endorsing than running for office, and does not even have a presidential candidate.

Again, we are the Obama Republicans, or, just “Independents.”