Lets Return the Marketing Spy Technology to the Stores and Buy Honest Machines

What if everyone took their Magnovox T. V.s, their Roku, their Toshiba that watches you, their Microsoft Windows 10 with the camera and microphone on full bore, their and those stupid spying billboards, and maybe even their FBI that just loves this stuff, what if everyone took these technologies and returned them? What if we said, no indeed, we did not understand the implications of what we supposedly consented to when we threw out the junk that came with the instructions we did not have time to read, those papers that supposedly give these companies to prostitute our privacy for their marketing purposes? If ten percent of the people would do this, these companies, or the competitors that take their places, just might be more careful next time. They are sure to point out the advantages of this tyranny, and how they are there for our welfare, you know, watching over us to keep us safe. With privacy, Liberty might begin to be restored. Or at least those under death threats would not have to consider how easy it is for anyone to buy access to someone’s living room through the marketing technology. And when these companies do become accessories to murder, they will be held accountable. Oh, that never happens? What, me worry? Is it not rather a statistical certainty that these things and more we have not thought of, predators shopping through the facial recog of Facebook, and a thousand other things thy will think of first and we will learn the hard way.

After turning off all the cameras and microphones on this computer, the sound came on again in the middle of the night, unbidden, of course, and I tried to turn off all the sound. There in the settings I found another microphone set to record. How nice, How charming. These companies are liable, and are in fact committing very serious crimes, like computer hijacking an automobile, which just became a serious crime in Michigan.

The new possibilities opened by the internet result in new crimes that we do not have time enough to legislate against. Integrity, as in the Wild West, would go a long way to keeping people safe, but integrity too is hard to come by in the internet age. Lawsuits are what we do when we are harmed, but no promulgated law is broken, where money damages can be demonstrated, and this is one suggestion, though with internet privacy, the effects are almost always hidden. The causal effect in the damages will surely be hidden whenever profitable. Principles or even amendments saying that people are the owners of data about themselves and must be paid when they are prostituted is another suggestion, as Facebook just made 60 Billion in add revenue, and did not pay anyone for the information about them that they took and then sold, even the information that one must give them in order to use the love button.

“Say, mum,. I’m goin’ to the store, you need anything?” That’s prob’ly what that blogger in Bangladesh said just before being knifed by four people then shot to death by a fifth at a certain intersection they somehow knew he would be at. At least he had his cell phone, and 911 could track him, you know, in case he was in an emergency.


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