The Republican Party is Toast: Time for a Third Party

Now, thanks to Paul Ryan, the Republican Party has chosen to try to preserve itself at the expense of the good of the nation, which is why they are toast now to begin with. NPR briefly has covered attempts at a third party, looking at two candidates, Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Patty and another, a Mr. Frost (?), who seems to have some potential financial backing. But the NPR report pointed out that the billionaires would be reluctant to back a third party effort, just because of the received wisdom that third party activity in America is usually just about useless.

We, the CLC, are so far endorsing Bernie Sanders, as the only candidate taking up our issues and the one most concerned with the common good. Second place, though, currently goes to Mr. Johnson. Third place goes to Hillary, because she and Bill together have enough experience to hold the office of president. For the Republicans to back a candidate they know is a shyster, just for the self-interest of the party is simply unconscionable, and should end the political careers of these base, dumb rich men. Politics is about the good of our nation, and failures of integrity have a trickle down effect through consequences one could not begin to imagine when we took that little payoff or practiced that small servility to line the pocket or grease the palm. Lets stand up, for God’s sake, and get serious, as voters and as office holders. It is indeed a lot of fun, and the time goes by all the same. And I’d bet I am happier today in utter poverty than any jerk on the board of Purdue Pharmacy, though my uncle still thinks only the rich are worthy of a hearing. He would flatter them and fall over himself if if one walked by, but cannot spare a minute to listen to one who has read the American founders, Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Montesquiue, Jefferson, Carl Jung, and Leo Strauss, Allan Bloom and Harry V. Jaffa, and of course the Bible. He would prefer Trump University to Salem Academy.

Praise goes to Mitt Romney, the Koch brothers, and the faction of the Republicans who are not base, self serving flatterer who never cared enough to study politics, but are ready for a buck to don the blow-dried look and kneel. Let them, then, break off a third party and run a candidate, if they do not want to vote for Hillary. That way, rather than stay home on election day, they could vote for something, not vote for the shyster Trumpette, and truly might even win the election, if they get going quickly. The third party already exists, and needs only a name. It will not quite be my CLC, but something like it, with a little less social theory, if it retains some of the best minds thinking on foreign policy.


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