Deluge Destroys Rainwater Collector

The last rain included downpours that allowed me to collect about eight gallons of water from a 6×10 surface in about ten minutes. I was amazed. But also amazing is how wimpy my simplest, cheapest rainwater collector is, the plastic suspended with a rock and hole off center, funnel, filter and a collection trough and bottle. The weight of the water, rather than the wind, totally smashed the whole system. The water I collected was gathered by crouching under the plastic during the storm, with lightening all around. I did not get soaked, as I was able to hold the system up, but sure got wetter than I wanted to be.

This experience inclines me to work on the more stable models, as that made out of sheet metal that folds out like a card table. This must be staked securely in the ground, so it can survive and collect water in rough weather, as this produces the most rainwater! Now I will have to manually filter my 8 gallons, which will take some time, but it still worth having. So my filter pocket design will be adapted to the metal model, to receive replaceable or cleanable filters under the collecting surface, rather than above the funell or collection bottle.


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