Civil Asset Forfeiture or Property Seizures: Martin Kaste Reports for NPR News

New Mexico has tried, like Michigan, to pass laws ending “civil asset forfeiture” or more frankly, property seizures. NPR has been reluctant, though, to explain why this issue is so important: For the government to seize property by saying that the property is guilty is a violation of the Fifth Amendment and a very fundamental principle of American liberty. The Fifth Amendment just says…nor take property without due process of law,” and common sense used to secure our liberty in this matter because common sense once knew that the police ought not use their badges and their powers to steal, even if the police, the municipalities and their relatives in the chop shops find it profitable. One gets a sense of who it is that is behind property seizures, and the astute eye, I believe, can see the subtle corruption that this practice is working upon our police, judges and municipal governments. One might look behind what appears to see the mobsters laughing at the success of their retaliation for the drug kingpin laws, which is where property seizures began.

The New Mexico case occurs much as I suggested to my representative Rebekah Warren: “You watch,” I told her, “They will just keep on doing it.” The Kaste report included a statement from a New Mexico woman that her experience was “like a bad dream,” because they just passed all these laws correcting the issue and the municipality of Albuquerque was still doing it, practicing property seizure like nothing had changed, and making the dumbest most ridiculous excuses, while the people, unable to think for themselves once a word is spoken by an authority figure, stood paralyzed. Police are using the powers of their badge to steal, and if this goes on, the mob will be surprised, because, as in the recent Oregon example, it will lead to civil bloodshed. They are wrong to think that American liberty will sleep forever. My suggestion is that on this issue we stand up, dust off our Constitution, and get rid of some corrupt politicians, police chiefs and city administrators. It is a good issue for housecleaning because it so obvious and explainable to the people, if only one would explain it to them. Stealing dishonors your badge, and if your pride in the badge is not enough to get you to reconsider, perhaps we will lead a class action raid on the impound yards, when the corrupt judges ignore class action lawsuits with their bullshit about how property is guilty.

For Mr. Kaste, a new hero of mine, I refer to the Detroit News article by a journalist named Hunter, from perhaps November 11-12 2009. The full reference is in my earlier blogs on the issue. The Hunter article explores the Supreme Court basis for the corrupt decision that property is guilty super-ceding the U. S. Constitution and the Fifth Amendment. Some Spanish ship was seized in 1840, and this, the property of an enemy during war time, was used as a precedent for seizing the auto of those red cross workers who took their case all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court to find, oh, they are “immune” and get to keep the poor girl’s car because she glanced at at a cop in a prostitution area, literally. These courts are corrupt, and these judges need to find work more suitable to their level of integrity. Mr. Gilke stood up, and perhaps now it is only the journalists who are heroically facing down death to do the right thing against what is quickly becoming just unbelievable corruption in government at every level. This is not how one prepares their nation for a war, which, in case no one has noticed but David Gilke, is now underway. Internal corruption is the number one threat to homeland security. Duh.


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