Ok, NRA, “Make My Day”

Yea, the NRA is endorsing Donney Trumpeete, so that arms can be joined to tyranny in our executive branch. The NRA, as everyone knows, is responsible for our promiscuity regarding guns and the excesses in American politics that allow for fellows like that Orlando shooter to get a hold of automatic weapons so easily. The NRA is the reason that a bill allowing us to forbid people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns cannot even reach the floor of Congress for a vote. No wonder President Obama wants to do executive orders outside his branch. Perhaps we would then just have to have oversight, so that lists like that are not abused, as every power of government seems now to be. Like, Cat Stevens was on the no-fly list. So if, for example, he was a U. S. citizen and some stalker-type fan was threatening him, he could not get a gun. That is what appeals and judges are for, so that prudence or practical wisdom is not enslaved to categories. When categories like “felon” and “sex offender” are abused, there needs to be recourse to reason, but that is just beyond us in American politics. What if a guy got into a defensive fistfight in the city or somehow became classed as a “felon,” then had to go live among a neighborhood of gangsters? He does, of course, still have a right of self defense.

But the NRA is getting people killed with their misguided defense of the second Amendment. Why can anyone not just have their own hand-gru-nuke, or drive a tank about the neighborhood? There are obvious limits, and so there is a mean in this question a mean that the NRA compels us to abandon. And the cost is many lives and a great lack of security, the end of many public activities and indeed the free life as we once knew it.

The CLC policy is to drive a wedge between responsible gun ownership for the protection of the weak against the strong and irresponsible gun ownership, for strength to subject the weak in crime. This wedge policy is difficult but possible, but only if we moderate the NRA and just say no to lobbyists for the gun manufacturers. Oh yea, you free-marketeers, do you also think profit or money should decide the way guns should be bought and sold?

We like the tradition where kids have long guns around and learn to respect them and be careful to keep them out of the hands of the irresponsible. But it is also true that being armed does some people more harm than good, and the statistic on handguns is that one is 43 times more likely to see his gun used to accidental or ill purposes than to use it justly and beneficially for the defense of self and others. We like vulnerable women to be armed, especially if they must go into danger. But men are not targets of rape and kidnapping very often. To be poor and tough is best, as Socrates teaches: To have nothing to steal, and make it a lot of trouble should anyone try it!

I also like to say, regarding a circumstance of self-defense:: “I do not want my gun, I want your gun. Then it is over.” But I am not sure that is right. Arms that are not attached are too hard to keep a hold. As with wealth and all the powers, arms depend upon knowledge of what to use them for, and no one puts any effort into acquiring this knowledge. Yea, Romell was a great general. But “Can an unjust man have Ki?

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