Was the Orlando Shooter on Antidepressants?

It may be inappropriate, and I may of course be wrong in this particular case, but one must wonder whether psychiatric medicines are a contributing factor in the epidemic of public shootings in America. I believe that it turns out that I was correct, that Jason Dalton Dalton was in fact on Prozac. Psychiatry now believes, and public opinion upholds, that their medicines are cures not causes, and that what we need is more “mental health care,” say, to treat people like me who see a possible cause, lives at stake, and try to raise these questions publicly, so that if these medicines are in fact crucial contributing factors, we might be more careful about them in the future. Seeing is of course dangerous, because one might speak a thing contrary to received opinion, which is of course also a characteristic of madness.

Again, the reasons that I question psychiatric medicine in relation to public shootings is that I know some other things that others do not know, and these comprehensive ideas come together to lead to a possibility, for those who care. The epidemic of public shootings began at the same time that psychiatry switched from the “therapy” idea to the drug-them-all-for-profit idea. I also see financial interests, such as those of the drug companies, exerting a great influence upon both our politicians and our news media. But most of all, perhaps, is that long experience and the road that I have taken have shown me, I believe, that we do not have knowledge about the soul even as we do about bodily medicine, so that, as I say, we literally do not know what we are doing when we drug people. Our trust in the mental health profession, like our trust in the priests that once was a part of common opinion, has been gravely misplaced. I know, perhaps, because I have seen what they study to excel in psychiatry, (which is literally the “healing” of the psyche or soul) and I have also spent time with those like Carl Jung, Socrates and Jesus, who know what they do not know but also know some things we do not know, and care enough to take the risk to try to tell us.

If, for example, antidepressants were taking weak or bad souls and “dropping the floor out from under them,” or “pushing them over the edge” by making them suicidal in addition, things would be just as they appear: The shootings would happen, and no one would raise the question, except perhaps for a few who see the matter from this side, like Andrew Thibault or Julie the Mad Blogger. And for ourselves, we would let it go, but it is hard to see ones nation suffer and things be destroyed in these ways while no one will even raise the questions.

It is of course difficult to tell whether the medicines given for one malady actually make it worse or just fail to cure it, and also difficult to tell whether these cause other problems, so that the side effects are worse than the original problem. But it is not difficult to tell that Purdue Pharmacy made 31 Billion dollars off one kind of 12 hour Oxy while delivering many of our youth to the porch of the heroin dealers, nor is it difficult to tell that we have a little problem with campaign finance in this country, so that Congress would be reluctant to fix this if it were the problem. Nor is it difficult to see that a failure of common sense integrity on one matter can have a trickle down effect into matters one would never have been able to think out and foresee, because we just do not have the time, integrity and brain cells to think out everything. Nor is it difficult to see that there are a lot of people who would do a lot of things to protect a 31 Billion Dollar interest. Look what those GM CEO’s did to hide the ignition switch problem. Oh, but these are rich people, and they would not be rich if they did not have virtue, and far more than any of the poor? They clearly spend their leisure time pursuing the mysteries of engineering for the good of the customer, or the study of the soul for the good of mankind regardless of profit, for they already have enough money, and do not need to be slavish to earn even more. They might even, whodathunkit, ignore the question of whether antidepressants are causing the epidemic of public shootings, though the companies might privately correct the problem without acknowledging their error, which would be better than nothing. And when they cash their six figure checks, everyone will know that they have made the right choices. You see, we understand too something about the weakness to which America is subject, though we perhaps do not see these weaknesses as well as our enemies do.

So far, we have heard that this man had “Bi Polar Disorder,” a severe case of mood swings once called manic-depression.; This is just a description of symptoms dressed up in scientific sounding language, and by those too who have never thought it profitable, say, to study tragedy and comedy. Everyone knows that we have alternating good moods and bad moods, and those who do not cultivate the soul are more subject to moods than those who do. Severe mood swings are something we notice too in those long subjected to psychiatric medicines, like the twitches they like to ignore, though the government may at least make the companies list these things as “side effects.” Public shootings are consistent with the known and listed side effects of antidepressants. From the fact that there was such a name, “Bi-polar,” applied to this man, I can reason that it is likely that he had some contact with the “mental health profession,” and from that I can reason that it is likely he has been given their psychiatric drugs. But I am still sticking to my first guess, which is that like Jason Dalton, it will turn out that this murderer was on antidepressants.

 It is amazing that when a question arises which might cost the drug industry the opportunity for ill gotten gain, there is suddenly all sorts of reverence for privacy. For marketing purposes, no one cares if the most private conversations are broadcast through our T. Vs and computers and phones, but these murderers have such privacy that we the people are just forbidden the crucial information needed to determine whether antidepressants are the key factor in the epidemic of public shootings. Again, without my consent, a conversation with a friend about a molestation that occurred when he was eight and did not discuss with me for thirty was was captured through my television and computer (which I do not own), and this is just fine with everyone. Congress will do nothing to protect privacy because the spy-marketers are making money and Congress is getting a cut. And really, what do we have to hide, especially from our enemies? But let a question of murder arise that might get in the way of profiteering at the public expense, and suddenly we have such reverence for privacy and the Fourth Amendment that we cannot even collect statistics on whether these shooters are not literally all on antidepressants, which would look bead for the industry indeed, and the profession of gathering six figures for drugging people after fifteen minute interviews- which, in case you do not know, has become the common practice in this iatria of the psyche.


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