NPR Does Not Want to Hear About the Question of Whether Antidepressants Cause Public Shootings

Zoe Clark was a bit impolite to me on the phone yesterday, which is ok because I do call the newsroom frequently. I will not call anymore, perhaps, but as I told her, it is painful to see these public shootings, to have an insight into a possible cause and a contribution as to how to prevent them, and be totally ignored by all three branches of government and the press. They will not report that it is even a question, either because they are sucking up to the money just like Congress, or perhaps because they are simply limited by popular opinion. Journalists are not always the sharpest pencil when it comes to insights pertaining to the public good, but like everyone who is thoughtlessly stumbling through life, philosophically speaking, new ideas do not immediately appear, even on life and death issues with the innocent blood of their fellow citizens right at their feet.

NPR has totally ignored me on 1) the issue of whether psychiatric drugs, especially antidepressants, are the cause of the public shooting epidemic, 2) The possibility that lead could be kept out of some people in Flint by collecting rainwater, 3) The likelihood that my former fiance was set to spy on me by own government and Congress, with plenty of reason to question the agencies, simply will not do so, and a few other issues like internet integrity- that the search engines are known to be perverted, and that Facebook blocks us from commenting on the Dianne Rehm show, for example, unless we give them information they can sell- trashing the First Amendment. It goes without saying that they have ignored the CLC, and in every way have demonstrated that they are not free of the money interests as they claim to be. BBC reports, but American NPR does not report, that Google was sued for 8 billion in a European antitrust case. Why? Could it be that Google, like the Drug companies is a big contributor?

Perhaps we should have these people go clean up the blood and bodies in Orlando, or deliver the news to relatives. But I should feel bad for annoying them with phonecalls. Once again Zoe Clark, like all the others, and like those who answer phones in government, is being paid and is at work when I call, while I work for free, calling in pain for the public benefit.


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